Top 5 Blogs of the Month - December 2023

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Let’s reflect back on the top five blogs of the month from care guides to inspirational decor ideas and more. Start off the new year with home and bedding tips that will keep you organized, cozy, and stylish all year long. 

How to Care for Mattress Toppers

An inside look into how to properly clean your mattress toppers and keep them at their best for years to come. 

Harmonize Your Space: Incorporating Feng Shui into Your Bedroom

Looking for ways to redecorate or revamp your space for the new year? Find all your tips and tricks for keeping a cohesive, decorative, and functional bedroom by incorporating the art and style of Feng Shui.

What Kind of Pillows Do Hotels Use?

If you want to create the ultimate luxury hotel bedroom, look no further. We got you covered with the exact types of pillows hotels use and how you can build the same feel at home.

How to Request a Free Catalog & Swatch Cards

Yep, you read that right. We offer free catalogs and swatch cards so that you can decide which color, style, and texture is right for you. Take a look at how you can request one!

What is Tog? How Does it Compare to Fill Power?

Learn the difference between tog and fill power, why they are important, and what to look out for when shopping for your next duvet, pillow, or topper. 

Shop Egyptian Cotton Sheets & More

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