How to Properly Fold Your Towels

The key to long lasting towels requires a combination of durable linens and proper care. Yes, choosing quality towels like Egyptian cotton will provide ultra softness and absorbency, however the right care is just as important and will determine the longevity of your bath linens. In addition to washing your towels, be sure you are folding them and storing them properly for more reliability. 

Avoid Folding Damp or Wet Towels

If your towels are not completely dry when stowing them away, the moisture can develop bacteria or mold ultimately damaging your towels. Make sure you let them dry in the dryer or if you choose to hang dry, to give them enough time to dry off completely first. If you want to avoid wrinkles from the drying process, you can remove them from the dryer while they are still damp, lay them out flat to finish drying and then fold and store them. 

Three-Way Fold

To avoid taking up too much space when stored, try folding your towels one third of the way on each side and then again in half. This will help minimize the surface area allowing for more storage space in your linen closet. There are a variety of ways to fold your towels so choose which works best for your space. 

Face Edges Inward

For a more pristine look, store your towels with the edge side facing towards the wall or back of the closet. This will not only create a neater and cleaner look, but will also allow you to easily see the separation between each towel and avoid pulling out the wrong one or too many at a time. 

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Store in a Cool, Dry Area

Regardless of the type of towel you own or how you choose to store it, always be sure you are keeping them in a cool, dry area to avoid damage to the towel fibers. Overtime, your linens can deteriorate, discolor, and crisp up due to unwanted moisture and humidity. Another great tip is to keep them stored in a tote or box within the closet to provide even further protection. Our towel set come in a complimentary canvas tote, perfect for storing extra towels!

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