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Perfect Duvet Cover Sets for Fall

Perfect Duvet Cover Sets for Fall

What do you look for in your cotton bedding? Is comfort your highest priority? Or are you passionate about premium sheets that don’t wrinkle? Do you want a bed that’s easy to make when you’re bleary-eyed at 6 AM? Choosing Egyptian cotton duvet covers and duvets offers numerous advantages over traditional comforters. Along with protecting both your duvet and your skin, the right duvet cover will keep your bed idyllically smooth so you feel like smiling whenever you walk through the door. Keep reading to learn more about duvet covers and discover tips on choosing the best option for your needs and taste.

What Is a Duvet?

Before you can determine whether to swap out your comforter for a duvet and duvet cover, it pays to do your homework. Although the words duvet and comforter are often used interchangeably, the truth is they have some key differences. While a comforter typically refers to a thick, quilted blanket, a duvet is a soft, flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, or synthetics. Although duvets originated in Europe, today they’re widely used to keep sleepers throughout the United States warm and cozy. 

What Is a Duvet Cover?

Just about everyone uses a pillowcase to protect their complexion while extending the life of their pillow. But not everyone uses a duvet cover, or even knows the purpose of this item. Just as a pillowcase protects a pillow, a duvet cover keeps your bedding clean while protecting your skin from dust and dander. The best duvet covers fit snugly over a duvet. Additionally, duvet covers often feature ties to hold the duvet in place, so it doesn’t roll down in the middle of the night. Easy to remove and switch, duvet covers are typically lightweight and washable, so you can toss them in the laundry with your sheets. 

Benefits of a Duvet Cover

Thinking about swapping out your comforter for a duvet and duvet cover? Rest assured duvet covers offer numerous benefits to both your bedding and your overall health. Here are just a few of the reasons sleep experts recommend covering your duvet.

Protect Your Bedding

One of the best reasons to invest in a duvet cover is that it protects your duvet for the long haul. It’s no secret that washing a comforter too often can result in wear and damage. Unfortunately, unlaundered comforters are often a breeding ground for dust, dander, pet hair, body oil, and general allergens. Additionally, hair and makeup products can build up on comforters and other bedding items. When you invest in a duvet cover, you can wash it as often as you wish, thereby protecting your duvet or comforter. For best results, launder your duvet cover in cool water with your sheets and pillowcases. Use a gentle detergent on your Egyptian cotton bedding and either hang it on the line or tumble dry it on the low setting.

Protect Your Skin

Just as a duvet cover keeps your duvet in good condition, it can also protect your skin and hair. Do you sleep alongside pets? Suffer from allergies or skin sensitivities? Experience acne? An Egyptian cotton duvet cover prevents potentially harmful substances from penetrating your comforter. And because you can wash these pieces as desired, dust and dander are less likely to build up and impact your complexion. The end result is that your skin stays healthy and beautiful. 

Redecorate With Ease

Just because you love your bedroom colors today doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same in a year or two. One of the benefits of using a duvet cover is that you can swap it out easily and affordably. On the other hand, buying a new comforter when you want a change of pace tends to be more expensive. You can even purchase a few different duvet covers and swap them out based on the time of year or your whims from week to week.

The Best Duvet Cover Sets for Every Sleeper

Pure Parima prides itself on offering the most luxurious certified Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers on the market. Boasting a combination of long-staple fibers and supple weaves, our products last for years without losing their softness. Here are some classic options for sleepers of all varieties. 

Triple Luxe Sateen Duvet Cover Set | Hotel Collection

Want to spend the night on five-star hotel-style bedding without ever leaving home? If so, our Triple Luxe Sateen Duvet Cover Set is a perfect choice. Made with a thread count of 700, this collection comes complete with a cover and matching shams. Boating a combination of sumptuous triple-embroidered stitching and a subtle stripe pattern in multiple shades, the Triple Luxe set is sure to add beauty to your home. 

Ariane Duvet Cover Set

A high-quality duvet cover for discerning sleepers, the Ariane set truly marries form and function. This dreamy duvet set, which features self-colored scroll embroidery, comes in an array of stunning pastels, including Soft Peach and Icy Blue. With a silky sateen weave, the set will make your room a place you long to retreat to after a long day.

Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set | Hotel Collection

The luxury Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set from the Hotel Collection is perfect for night sweat sufferers and those with a tendency to sleep hot. An elegant matte finish combined with extra-long staple fibers results in a set that’s both simple and elegant. Shoppers can choose from White, Carbon, Bone, and Slate shades in this collection, which includes a duvet cover and two shams.

Trust Pure Parima With Your Health and Comfort

Long-staple Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers are ideal for helping you sleep easily despite the stresses of everyday life. When you choose Pure Parima, you can feel confident knowing all our products bear the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval. Additionally, we manufacture everything using non-harmful substances. In other words, you don’t have to read the fine print to be certain your family is safe. Ready to get better rest? Shop our duvet covers today and start loving your bed again.