Egyptian Cotton Terry: Why Is It So Soft?

As we welcome our Egyptian cotton terry towels and robes, it’s important to prioritize the quality and material so you can ensure you are choosing the right bath linens for you. Your towels and robes should maintain softness, durability, absorbency, and comfort for the best post-shower feel. Take a closer look at our Egyptian cotton terry material and see why our customers love it so much.

What Is Egyptian Cotton Terry?

Made from the finest extra-long staple cotton fibers, our Egyptian cotton terry products are made to last for years with durable strands that can withstand constant use and wash. Our towels and robes are high-pile, meaning the fibers are longer and softer, thus creating a much more plush and comfortable feel. This also provides a more absorbent fabric, which is pretty much essential for quick drying and additional comfort. 


If you have shopped for towels and robes before, chances are you have come across the term GSM or “grams per square meter” before. This means exactly that - how many grams of fibers there are per square meter. The higher the GSM, the softer and thicker the fabric, and the lower the GSM, the more light and thin the fabric. Our Egyptian cotton towels are 800 GSM which is higher than most towels you will find nowadays. We wanted to create an ultra plush, extremely comfortable and reliable towel that you can enjoy using. Our robes stand at a comfortable 500 GSM for that balance of the perfect weight and softness. 

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How to Care for Egyptian Cotton Terry

Caring for your towels and robes is just as important as the materials they are made with. Your Egyptian cotton towels and robes can last years with the proper care and storage. For best results, we recommend washing your bath linens with like colors to avoid any dye transfer. Use cold or warm water with gentle detergent for a thorough, yet non-abrasive wash. Avoid using dryer sheets, bleach, and other harsh chemicals when washing or drying as this can damage the cotton fibers, resulting in a rougher and unpleasant feel. Keep them stored in a cool, dry area preferably stowed away in a tote, bag, or box to avoid any moisture or dust buildup. Our towel sets come with a complimentary canvas tote, perfect for storing your bath linens.

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