What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

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It’s been a long day, and you’re ready to snuggle under the covers and get some much-needed rest. As you slide into bed, the odds are that you don’t stop to think about how best to drift off to Dreamland faster. However, experts say that the sleeping position you select may be highly significant, revealing info about both your personality and general health. 

In fact, some sleep psychologists claim that the position you choose may offer insight into your personal characteristics and behavior. For example, sleeping in the fetal position has been associated with both shyness and intelligence. On the other hand, those who sleep on their stomachs tend to be more sociable. However, they also have a natural aversion to conflict and criticism. Finally, back sleepers are known for their confidence. 

Experts have also noted that the generation someone belongs to may affect their choice of sleeping position, with Millennials and Gen Xers being more likely to stomach sleep than their Baby Boomer counterparts.

Sleep Position and Health

Of course, psychologists are far from convinced that personality and sleep position are irrevocably linked. After all, most of this research comes from surveys rather than scientific studies. What experts are more certain of is the link between sleep position and health and wellness. Not only can sleeping in a certain position improve various health conditions, but choosing the wrong position can exacerbate current issues. Read on to learn about the effects of sleeping on your side, on your stomach, and on your back:


Love nothing more than curling up on your side when you sleep? The good news is this position offers benefits for both you and your partner. That’s because side sleeping helps relieve snoring. If you’re keeping your sweetie up nights, consider moving into this pose to give their ears a break. As a bonus, sleeping on your side may ease digestion and have positive effects on back pain and hip pain, so give it a try to ease the burden on these body parts.

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Snorers and sleep apnea sufferers may experience some benefits from lying on their stomach. However, this position also comes with significant drawbacks. In fact, sleeping on your stomach without the proper pillow can put extra stress on your neck and lower back. In the long run, your spine may wind up out of alignment, resulting in pain and hefty chiropractic bills. For this reason, many sleep experts suggest trying an alternate option. 


Many doctors recommend sleeping on your back over other positions. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation considers sleeping on your back with your arms at your sides to be the best position for health. Not only does this pose take pressure off the spine, but it also promotes positive alignment while ensuring an even distribution of body weight. If you’re struggling to sleep through the next, turning onto your back may help keep you comfortable longer while protecting your face from the acne and wrinkles that can come from resting on your side or stomach. 

The Right Sheets for Every Sleeping Position (And Sleeper)

Regardless of the sleeping position you choose, the right sheets can help you rest easier. After all, it’s tough to drift off if your bedding is rough, scratchy, or ripped. Similarly, if your bedding isn’t warm enough, you might find yourself shivering at night rather than sleeping peacefully. For silky soft sheets that keep you warm all winter long, it’s hard to beat Pure Parima’s Yalda Collection. These certified Egyptian cotton sheets come straight from the fertile Nile River Valley. The end result is a smoother, stronger cotton that holds up through hundreds of washes without losing its softness or shine. And because all our products are manufactured free from harmful chemicals, you don’t have to stay up worrying about your family’s health and safety.

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Better Sleep is Just a Sheet Away

Tired of lying awake at night? Consider upgrading your bedding this season. Regardless of the sleeping position you prefer, better-quality bedding can help you get more rest. At Pure Parima, we offer a wide array of sheet sets as well as high-end separates like fitted Yalda sheets and pillowcases in sizes standard and king. It’s a budget-friendly way to upgrade your sleeping experience. Shop online today and start getting more rest.

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