What Makes a Good Mattress Topper?

pure parima down alternative mattress topper

If you want to add height and fluff to your bed, incorporating a mattress topper in your bed essentials is a great way to achieve that. Providing additional protection and comfort, a mattress topper can be beneficial in a number of ways, however it is important to pay attention to certain features to ensure you are getting the best quality topper, thus the best quality sleep you can get. 


A great mattress topper is made with a baffle-box construction, or that quilted looking design. This means the topper is sewn front to back every few inches ensuring even heat and fill distribution. Our mattress toppers are made with double-stitched seams and finished with lustrous satin piping for longevity and constant comfort. Toppers without this type of construction can make it difficult to keep even through use and wash, so be sure to look for baffle-box construction made mattress toppers. 

pure parima down alternative mattress topper


When it comes to bedding essentials like inserts, pillows, and toppers, it's important to pay attention to the fill and shell material. Known for its natural large clusters, which provide toasty warmth, ultra soft comfort, and long-lasting wispy light fluff, white goose down is a top quality choice. On the other hand, a down alternative mattress topper filled with high quality spiralized microfibers, such as LikeDown®, is a more affordable option that mimics the look and feel of genuine goose down. 

pure parima mattress topper fill


The height and size of your topper is going to depend solely on your preference and if you prefer a thicker or thinner mattress topper. Reasons for using a topper usually include revitalizing an old mattress, adding more cushioned support, or bringing more loft to the bed. So, essentially it is up to you on how high you like your topper to be. Our down and down alternative mattress toppers stand at 3” for luscious cloud-like comfort and the perfect addition of comfort and support.

pure parima down alternative mattress topper

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