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When designing your bedroom and incorporating your own personal style, color is probably one of the most important features we look at. It can drastically affect the mood, lighting, and aesthetic of the space. At Pure Parima, we offer a handful of exquisite shades, one fit for every personality and style. From classic to bold and everything in between, take a look at our top 5 colors that everyone can’t get enough of and find the one that catches your eye!


This is no surprise to most as white can easily fit into every bedroom and match with all styles. The most common bed sheet shade, white is not only extremely versatile, but it can bring more light and vibrance to the room. Light, neutral colors like white, ivory, tan and other soft tones can also make the room feel bigger, clean, and luxurious. 


If you are looking for a basic neutral but are not necessarily a white person and prefer something with a little more kick to it, ivory is the perfect choice as it still matches all colors, styles, and looks but with a twist. Enhance your bedroom with a creamy and sumptuous off-white, perfect for any space.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover


One of our top darker shades, carbon emits a sense of bold style and creates a luxurious ambiance for those who prefer a deeper color. Available in our Ultra Percale collection, carbon is a rich blue-black that can be paired with softer neutral hues for a contrasted look, or complimentary dark shades for a sultry, exquisite feel, depending on your preference. 

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover


Slate has quickly become one of our most popular shades with its lavish blue-grey tone that can even be considered a neutral in your home. Bringing elegance and class to the bedroom, our Ultra Percale collection in slate is the perfect way to invite a little color without overpowering the space. 


Available in our softest collection, Triple Luxe Sateen, nickel is a top choice amongst our customers due to its high versatility and luxurious look and feel. If you prefer silver tones, nickel is an absolutely beautiful choice pairing the hotel aesthetic with high-end tones to your own bedroom. Also a great neutral option, mix and match with other opulent shades like gold, arctic, or spa. 

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