When to Replace Your Towels

An essential piece of your bath routine, your towels’ hygiene is not something to take lightly. Because we use our towels daily, it’s important to consider various factors to determine when it might be time to toss your old ones and replace them with fresh, new bath linens. Take a look at some of the key elements to look out for when deciding if it’s time.

Wear & Tear

An obvious one, the constant usage of your towels can eventually cause intense fraying, ripping, and other unwanted wear. When you notice things like fraying edges and thinning fabric, it may be time to replace your towels. Once the towel loses its structure, it can become uncomfortable to use will inevitably rip even further after continuous use. 

Loss of Absorbency

If you notice that your towel no longer absorbs moisture like it used to, that could be a sign to replace them. Overtime, lesser quality towels tend to lose their absorbent properties because the fabric is so easily damaged or destroyed due to constant use and wash. 

Loss of Softness

Since we use our towels daily, it’s no surprise that we wash them so frequently. This, in turn, can harm your towels overtime if harsh detergents, dyes, or softeners are used. These chemicals can actually damage the fibers in the towel, leading them to become rougher and much less comfortable on the skin. The rough fibers can also be another reason for less absorbency, thus a change in your bath linens. 

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Odor, Mildew, & Stains

When coming in contact with moisture every day, it’s common for towels to develop unwanted stains, mildew or even unpleasant odors. This can be a sign of bacteria build-up and just general loss of cleanliness and is a good time to replace them. You may also notice some discoloration that appears on the towels which can also be a sign that they have run their course. 

Choose Quality Towels

While towel usage is inevitably constant, there are ways to postpone or even eliminate these unwanted factors. Opt for quality towels like Egyptian cotton towels for extreme durability, softness, and absorbency. Because they are made from strong extra-long staple cotton fibers, Egyptian cotton can last longer than your typical cotton towel. Wash your towels according to their care tag and store them properly in a cool, dry area to extend their lifespan as much as possible. 

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