Top 5 Blogs of the Month - January 2024

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We rounded up some of our favorite blogs of the month to help you start off your year right! From upcoming trends to design inspo, we got you covered this year for a fresh and luxurious beginning to 2024. Take a look at our top tips and tricks for even more bed and bath inspiration. 

How to Get Better Sleep in 2024

Find the secret to elevating your sleep for a rejuvenating and refreshing day that will have you looking forward to the new year ahead. 

How to Choose the Best Fabrics for Winter Bedding

As the weather gets even colder, let’s make our beds even warmer! Find all the right bedding pieces and fabrics that are sure to keep you warm and cozy this season.

Luxurious Bedroom Trends of 2024

Looking to change it up this year but not sure how? We got you covered - in trendy, stylish sumptuous sheets, duvet covers and more! Create a trend-worthy space in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Setting a Relaxing Mood: Aromatherapy & Luxury Bedding

No matter your New Year's resolutions, everyone could use some extra rest and serenity this year. Take into consideration these simple tips combining aromatherapy and bedding and create a sanctuary you can call your very own spa.

How to Achieve a Minimalist Bedroom Design

After all the snazzy bold holiday decor taking over our homes these past few months, take a look at how to create the ultimate minimalist bedroom look that’s all the rage these days. Pair simplicity with elegance and create a luxurious soothing space.

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