How to Choose the Best Fabrics for Winter Bedding

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

With cooler weather comes warm clothing, hot drinks, and cozy bedding. But are the sheets you’re using the right fabric for the colder months? Truth is, changing your sheets according to the time of year is crucial in keeping comfortable and regulating your temperature so you can avoid sleeping too hot or too cold. There are a few features to look out for when choosing the right bedding for the winter time that will help you stay comfy all season long.


One of the most popular features when it comes to finding the right bedding is the material it is made of. And while this is important, it is of higher value when paired with the few others listed below. However, that is not to say that you should overlook the material. When finding a sheet set that provides breathability and year-round comfort, you should aim for cotton, specifically Egyptian cotton. Unlike other materials like bamboo, linen, microfiber, and polyester, Egyptian cotton is made from rare extra-long staple cotton fibers derived from the Nile River which creates an extremely luscious and soft fabric. One of the highest quality bedding materials, Egyptian cotton lasts longer than most due to the strong durable fibers. Not only does it result in sumptuous bedding, but it keeps you comfortable and warm during the night without sacrificing breathability and quality. 

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Thread Count & Density

While thread count has been looked at as the sole indicator of good quality sheets for years now, it should come as no surprise anymore that this is not the case. Thread count simply tells you how dense the fabric will be. A lower thread count paired with a percale weave will achieve cool, crisp sheets with a matte finish, perfect for the hotter months. For the winter, it is wise to look for sheets with a bit of a higher thread count, however avoid sheets above 1000 thread count as this is unfortunately not true and actually consists of short staple, lower quality fibers shoved in together to produce a higher number for marketing purposes. High quality threads paired with a sateen weave is a great range for comfortable, soft, high quality sheets that will keep you cozy all season long.


As you may have noticed, we have briefly mentioned two different weave types. Percale and sateen. Depending on the weave you choose, the hand feel and temperature level will vary. For the colder months, we recommend choosing a sateen weave. Sateen is made with a one over, three under weave pattern meaning it creates a softer, silkier fabric that locks in warmth more than percale. So, a percale fabric, made with a one over, one under weave pattern, results in a cooler feel with a matte, crisp hand feel, better for the summer time. Be sure to take into account all of the components when looking for your perfect sheet set, this way you can be sure it will keep you the most comfortable possible.

pure parima percale vs sateen

The Best Sheets for Winter

Depending on the material, thread count, and weave pattern you choose, your ideal sheets for winter will change, however we rounded up our favorites that we highly recommend for the cooler months:

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set

Soft, silky, and smooth, Triple Luxe Sateen is made with a sateen weave, perfect for those cold nights when all you want is a warm, cozy sheet to curl up in. Because the density is a bit higher in this collection, it provides the most warmth out of all of our collections. So, this may not be for everyone, especially if you are looking for something a bit lighter but still warm. That being said, we have the perfect solution for you in our next set!

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Ultra Sateen Sheet Set

Our newest collection yet, Ultra Sateen pairs the soft and smooth hand feel of sateen with the beloved single-needle stitch from our Ultra Percale collection. Ultra Sateen is made with a sateen weave as well but is of a lower density than our Triple Luxe Sateen collection. This collection embodies the perfect balance of soft, smooth, warm, and breathable. While this set will keep you warm and cozy, it will not trap as much heat as Triple Luxe Sateen. Our Yalda, Hira, and Ariane collections all provide the same feel, density, and temperature as Ultra Sateen, so choose your favorite style and get cozy!

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

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Find all your bedding needs with 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and more! This winter, stay warm and cozy all season long without sacrificing quality or comfort. If you are looking for the right collection for you, take our quiz so we can give you a personalized recommendation! And sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss out on any special offers, early access to deals and much more!

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