How to Get Better Sleep in 2024

pure parima how to get better sleep in 2024

Are you tired of the constant grogginess and less productive days at work and school? It’s time to prioritize you and your health. A popular New Year's resolution, improving health, can be achieved by taking a simple step: getting better sleep. Sleeping is the ultimate energy booster for your body and is an essential part of our lives. Considering one third of our lives are spent sleeping, it’s worth putting the time and effort into making it the best it can be. Read further for our top tips on how to get better sleep this year.

Get in Bed at a Reasonable Hour

This one may seem redundant, but perhaps this is the main reason why you aren’t getting your best sleep. The recommended amount of hours per night the average adult should be getting is around 8 hours. However, many people get much less than that resulting in less energized, productive, and positive mood. Normally, this would snowball and continue to get worse each day making it more difficult for you to get through your normal routine. Try getting in bed about an hour before you normally do and see how well that works for you.  

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Turn off Your Devices an Hour Before Bedtime

As much as it is satisfying and quite relaxing to scroll through your phone or binge watch Netflix on your laptop at the end of a long day, it is wise not to go about this right before bedtime. The blue light and stimulated mind will make it that much harder to fall asleep, let alone get better rest. It’s best to shut down your devices about an hour or so before you plan to go to sleep so that your mind can wind down and allow your body to rest properly. Try reading a book or even watch TV on the television as this is better than the blue light on your phone or tablet.

Invest in High Quality Bedding

Putting yourself first means prioritizing your body and your needs. What better way to do that than by treating yourself to high quality, luxury bedding that will not only provide you with better sleep but get you excited for each night you crawl into bed. Look for Egyptian cotton sheets as these are made with extra-long staple cotton fibers for a durable, soft, and smooth fabric. The extra comfort, breathability, and durability will allow your body to sink into the bedding more comfortably, letting you fall asleep quicker and keep you asleep all night long. Avoid waking up from night sweats or scratchy and irritating linens, so you can have a full and restful sleep.

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Make it a Priority

None of these tips will truly work unless you put yourself first and make it a priority for you to get better rest. The key is to take baby steps when implementing these changes into your routine so that it is reasonable, thus you are more likely to continue following these rules and inevitably lead to a healthier, happier sleep pattern. 

Get Better Sleep this Year with Pure Parima

Find all your bedding essentials from 100% Egyptian cotton sheets to inserts and protectors and create the dream bed you can count on to keep you comfortable all night long. Get better sleep in 2024 and build a sleeping pattern that will have you feeling your very best each and every day. Not sure which product to choose? Take our quiz for a personalized recommendation. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all things Pure Parima, including special offers, early access to deals, and much more!

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