Social Jet Lag - Why Sleep Is So Important

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Changing your sleep schedule by just one or two hours can throw off the body’s natural rhythm and cause insomnia, early waking, and other problems. Moreover, studies show that lack of sleep can result in symptoms ranging from digestive problems to fatigue, trouble concentrating, and even anxiety and depression. As a result, plenty of us wind up suffering from something called social jet lag at this time of year. Fortunately, there’s a cure available. Keep reading to discover Pure Parima’s tips on fixing internal clock issues and getting better rest. 

Curing Social Jet Lag 

So what is social jet lag anyway? This condition helps explain the discrepancy between the biological time which comes from our internal clock and social time, which is determined by activities such as work, school, or time spent with friends and family. Because many of us deal with many social obligations, especially around the holidays, it’s easy for these two clocks to become out of sync. If you want to correct this issue and start feeling better both physically and emotionally, getting your sleep schedule straight is the first step. 

The realities of modern living mean that most adults have a different sleep schedule on the weekends from the one they have on weekdays. Still, consistency is key when it comes to battling insomnia. With that in mind, we should all aim to maintain a healthier schedule by sleeping and waking at the same times all week long. Additionally, you can improve sleep hygiene by keeping the bedroom cool, minimizing loud noises, and avoiding spicy or caffeinated consumables in the hours before sleeping. 

Make Over Your Bedroom

Bedroom decor is an important and often overlooked factor in the sleep equation. After all, your bedding comes into regular contact with your skin and hair. If your sheets are ripped, torn, or full of pills, you might struggle to get enough rest. Similarly, bedding that isn’t warm enough or cold enough could affect your overall comfort and lead to sweating or chills. Here are some of the best sheet options for those looking to get more rest in 2023 and beyond.

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Do you have a habit of waking up in a pool of sweat? Whether you’re dealing with clingy kids or snuggling pets, you might be looking for a bedding option that’s more breathable. That’s where the Ultra Percale Sheet Set comes in. Part of the Hotel Collection, this sheet set features an elegant matte finish over certified Egyptian cotton. Made from extra-long staple fibers that were picked by hand, this set is at once crisp to the touch and deliciously cooling. It’s the perfect choice for night sweat sufferers and hot sleepers alike. Choose from an array of shades, including White, Carbon, Slate, and Bone. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Down Pillow Insert 

It’s hard to sleep when you have a crick in your neck, or your pillow feels too soft or too stiff. Fortunately, a down pillow insert can improve both alignment and comfort. Made from responsibly sourced, certified eco-friendly European Goose Down, our down pillow inserts boast a medium-firm texture and a luxuriously smooth cambric outer shell. Because the down is known for its natural large clusters, this pillow is at once warm and fluffy. With double-stitched closures, poke-through is a thing of the past. Lustrous satin piping finishes this elegant bedding option, which is available in sizes standard and king. 

pure parima down pillow insert

Down Alternative Pillow Insert

Prefer a hypoallergenic pillow insert made free from animal products? Our down alternative pillow inserts are great for those suffering from social jet lag as well as individuals seeking a more luxurious night’s rest. Featuring 100 percent Virtudown, these pillows mimic the loft and texture of actual down. A soft, breathable cotton sateen shell protects the microfiber filling as well as your skin. Additionally, the double stitching helps preserve the pillow’s longevity, so you can feel good about your investment. The insert comes in sizes standard and king and features satin piping. 

Trust Pure Parima with Your Family’s Sleep Health 

Searching for the perfect bedding for family and friends? Celebrate the people you love and give the surprise of great sleep with bedding from Pure Parima. Providing products made from 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton, we’re an online leader in sheets, pillowcases, and more. Additionally, we offer down and down alternative pillows and duvet inserts to keep customers cozy no matter what the weather has in store. Shop online today and enjoy free U.S. shipping and returns along with beautiful sustainable hand-wrapped packaging. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones cure social jet lag and start living life again. 

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