Is Egyptian Cotton the Best Material for Sheets?

Searching for the most luxurious bedding option out there? It’s hard to beat the comfort and quality of pure Egyptian cotton. Widely regarded as the highest-quality cotton available worldwide, Egyptian cotton is made from the extra-long staple fibers of cotton plants grown along the Nile River. Boasting fibers that are smaller in diameter than those found in regular cotton, Egyptian cotton wins acclaim for being soft, strong, and exceptionally durable. So it won’t fall to pieces or develop pills when you run it through the laundry. And because it’s highly breathable, you don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat on warm summer nights. Wondering is Egyptian cotton the best material for sheets? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of this bedding option and discover the best sets available at Pure Parima.

Everything You Need to Know About Egyptian Cotton

Before investing in Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases, you likely want to do your research. Bedding aficionados recommend Egyptian cotton in large part because it’s picked by hand rather than with the aid of machines. As a result, the fibers endure less stress. In the long run, products made from 100 percent certified Giza cotton are likely to last longer and stay smooth to the touch. So you don’t have to worry about your bedding ripping, tearing, or irritating sensitive skin while you’re trying to sleep. 

It’s worth noting that not all items with the Egyptian cotton label are created equal. In fact, less reputable retailers have been known to put the Egyptian cotton seal on products that are actually made from cotton blends or synthetics. If you want to ensure what you’re getting is the real deal, it pays to do your research and look for the Cotton Egypt label of authenticity on the package. 

Origins of Egyptian Cotton

Identifying Egyptian cotton is easier if you know the product’s origins. This beloved cotton variety comes from Gossypium barbadense plants, which once grew along the Nile River. The combination of fertile soil and a temperate climate led to an environment uniquely suited to producing quality cotton. First cultivated by Monsieur Jumel, Egyptian cotton only grew to its current form after a series of experiments. Not only are the fibers of Egyptian cotton longer and stronger than those of other varieties, but they also result in a yarn that’s soft, smooth, and exceptionally durable. 

The Difference Between Egyptian Cotton and Standard Cotton

Just because a product says it’s 100 percent cotton doesn’t mean it contains pure Egyptian cotton. On the contrary, a majority of the bedding items on the market are actually made with standard cotton grown in the US or another part of the world. So how do these two cotton types differ?

To start, Egyptian cotton is more breathable than typical Pima or Upland cotton. Moisture wicking and absorbent, Egyptian cotton is great for regulating body temperature and drawing dampness away from the body. Whether you live in a warm climate or just tend to sleep hot, Egyptian cotton bedding will help keep you cool and dry throughout the night. Not only will you stay comfortable, but you can also protect your skin from rashes and other forms of irritations. 

pure parima man sleeping in bedsheets

Another reason Egyptian cotton is the best material for sheets is that it tends to be longer lasting than other cottons. Made from extra-long staple fibers, Egyptian cotton results in a tough yet smooth yarn. Even though you may pay more for Egyptian cotton bedding upfront than you would for regular cotton, over time you’ll save money as your sheets won’t need to be replaced as frequently. As a bonus, choosing Egyptian cotton means helping the environment, as less bedding ends up in landfills. 

Probably the biggest way that Egyptian cotton and regular cotton differ is that the former has a texture akin to silk. Luxuriously soft and smooth, this fabric retains its silky feel no matter how many times you wash it or dry it. In fact, many say that their Egyptian cotton sheets get softer with each trip through the laundry. If you have sensitive skin or just a penchant for comfort, Egyptian cotton is probably the way to go. 

What to Consider When Buying Egyptian Cotton Bedding

There are numerous reasons that Egyptian cotton sheets are regarded as the ultimate in luxury. Durable, breathable, smooth, and soft, Egyptian cotton is a fiber that’s uniquely suited to bedding, which endures a great deal of regular wear and tear. Still, there are some things to think about when choosing Egyptian cotton bedding. Here are just a few of the factors to consider when purchasing a new set of Egyptian cotton sheets for yourself or a family member. 

Thread Count

Contrary to popular opinion, a high thread count doesn’t necessarily reveal that a sheet set is top quality. Still, it’s important to understand this term and how it impacts bedding. A measure of the number of threads comprising one square inch of fabric, thread count can range from 200 to 1000 or higher. However, better sheets don’t necessarily equal a superior product. On the contrary, there’s a limit to the number of threads that can fit in an inch of Egyptian cotton, and companies claiming to sell sheets with a count of 1200 or 2000 are actually using inferior multi-ply yarn strands woven together. For a better night’s sleep, opt for bedding made from high-end, durable, single-ply yarn. 


While thread count can impact sheet texture and softness, weave is the factor more likely to do so. Egyptian cotton aficionados can choose between two options: sateen and percale. Ideal for those who want the feel of silk but the health benefits of cotton, sateen is a common Egyptian cotton weave featuring a pattern of three over, one under. The result is a luxuriously soft, delightfully lustrous sheet that keeps you warm in winter and resists wrinkling. Then again, some sleepers prefer an airier bedding option. Featuring a classic one over, one under weave, percale is both fresh-feeling and crisp. In fact, most four and five-star hotels feature percale sheets on their beds. Exceptionally cool and comfortable, percale is perfect for hot sleepers as well as anyone residing in a warm climate. 

pure parima egyptian cotton weave


Do you have a habit of overheating while you sleep and waking up in a pool of sweat? Do you suffer from sensitive skin? If so, you might want to switch out your lower-quality cotton or synthetic bedding for Egyptian cotton. Porous and moisture wicking, Egyptian cotton lets heat and moisture flow through freely. The result is that you wake up feeling cool and cozy. To maximize sleep and keep your skin clear, opt for both Egyptian cotton sheets and an Egyptian cotton duvet cover. That way you don’t have to sacrifice the snuggly feel of sleeping beneath a duvet to maintain your comfort all night long. 

Egyptian Cotton and Pillowcases

Clearly, Egyptian cotton is the best material for sheets. However, if you’ve never slept on Egyptian cotton pillowcases, you’re missing out on the chance to protect both your hair and your skin. Along with being soft and supple, Egyptian cotton pillowcases are exceptionally smooth due to the fact that they’re made from fibers both longer and smaller in diameter than those of ordinary cotton. This silky texture ensures that Egyptian cotton won’t snag or pull at your hair while you sleep. For this reason, Egyptian cotton pillowcases are a necessity for those suffering from hair thinning or alopecia.

pure parima egyptian cotton pillowcases

Additionally, Egyptian cotton pillowcases are great for anyone who’s been diagnosed with acne or other skin issues. Because it’s both breathable and moisture wicking, Egyptian cotton draws moisture away from the skin. So you don’t have to worry about sweat building up on your face while you sleep. Egyptian cotton is also great for helping regulate body temperature. If you live in a hot part of the country, Egyptian cotton sheets can be key to protecting your complexion. 

Top Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Wondering is Egyptian cotton the best material for sheets? The answer seems to be a resounding yes. Boasting extra-long staple fibers, Egyptian cotton sheets are both softer and longer-lasting than those made from Upland cotton or blends. Moreover, the long fibers are far less likely to poke out of the weave. The result is a smooth, silky, and cool night’s sleep regardless of the season. Want to know which Egyptian cotton sheet set is right for you? Here are some of the most popular options available at Pure Parima:

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Is softness your primary consideration when it comes to sheets? If so, you’re likely to prefer our Triple Luxe Sateen Set over other choices on the market. Part of the Hotel Collection, our Triple Luxe bedding is crafted with extra-long staple Egyptian cotton fibers. At once silky soft and sumptuously smooth, these sheets get added style points thanks to the lustrous opaque fabric and delicate stripe design. Choose from an array of contemporary stripe colors, including Teal, Gold, Ocean, and Graphite. The set comes in sizes queen, king, and California king.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

While some sleepers rest easy under sateen, others prefer the crisp, fresh feel of percale. Enter the Ultra Percale Sheet Set. A part of Pure Parima’s Hotel Collection, our Ultra Percale Sheets are ultra cooling thanks to the breathable one over, one under weave of the fabric. The result is a bedding option similar to the kind found in luxury hotels worldwide. Along with a matte finish, these stylish sheets boast a simple yet timeless design that melds well with a wide range of decorative styles. Shoppers can select from four on-trend shades: White, Carbon, Bone, and Slate. It’s available in sizes twin, full, queen, king, and California king. pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Yalda Sheet Set

A timeless bedding option that’s available in multiple modern hues, the Yalda Sheet set marries simplicity and sophistication. Boasting a sateen weave, our Yalda sheets are crafted from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton fibers that were picked by hand to ensure long-lasting quality. They feature double-hem stitching and a clean yet elegant design. Yalda shoppers can choose from an array of shades, including White, Linen, Soft Peach, Spa, Canyon, and Olive. Sizes range from twin to California and split king. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Ariane Sheet Set

Those seeking a more romantic bedding option may find the Ariane Sheet Set to their liking. Elegant and stylish, this collection features self-colored scroll embroidery that’s both charming and timeless. Plus, the sateen sheets boast a silky smooth texture that resists wrinkles while keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. The set is available in an array of classic shades, including Grey, White, Ivory, and Icy Blue. It comes in sizes twin through California king, so there’s sure to be an option that works for you and your bed.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Caring for Your Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Properly caring for your Egyptian cotton sheets is crucial to extending their lifespan. While it’s best to follow the instructions on the care label, there are some general steps you can follow to protect your bedding for the long haul. To start, we recommend taking time to remove makeup, sunscreen, and hair products prior to getting in bed, as these items can cause sheet discoloration. It’s also smart to take off earrings and other jewelry items that can snag on your bedding and cause tears.

When laundering your Egyptian cotton sheets, use gentle detergents and avoid harsher chemicals such as liquid fabric softeners or bleaches. If your sheets have a stain, pre-treat it by rubbing a little detergent on the spot. We also recommend sorting your laundry by color and not washing sheets with clothing items containing zippers or snaps. For best results, wash on a gentle cycle using cool water.

pure parima laundered sheets

While line drying your sheets is best, it’s fine to put Egyptian cotton in the dryer on a permanent press or delicate setting. Just remove the bedding before it’s fully dry to prevent wrinkles. We also suggest that you don’t overload the dryer and refrain from drying bedding alongside clothing.

Love to iron your sheets? It’s fine to iron Egyptian cotton provided that you use the cotton setting and take care to preserve any stitching or embroidery by using a towel. Once you take your bedding out of the laundry room, it’s key to store it properly if it’s not going straight on the bed. We recommend using the complimentary fabric pouch that came with your Pure Parima sheets. However, you can also store Egyptian cotton in a bag or box located in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area of the home. 

pure parima egyptian cotton storage pouch

Find the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Your Bed

Made from extra-long staple Giza Egyptian cotton, Pure Parima’s sheets are manufactured free from harmful substances and chemicals. As a result, you can rest worry free knowing your family is safe. We’re so sure you’ll love our bedding that we offer a risk-free trial. If you aren’t satisfied with your sheets or duvet covers for any reason, just return them within 100 days and receive a full refund. Shop our Egyptian cotton sheets online today and start loving your bed again. 

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