Get to Know Our Brand New Percale Bedsheet Colors: Slate and Bone

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Bedsheets

With summer arriving in full force, you might feel that your current bedding is failing to meet your needs. After all, those flannel or poly-blend sheets that got the job done well enough in winter are simply too hot for sizzling summer nights. The good news is that an Egyptian cotton sheet set with a percale weave may be just the thing to keep you cool and comfortable no matter how high the temperature rises. Fortunately, our Ultra Percale Sheet Set is now available in two stunning new shades, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for quality. Keep reading to learn more about Egyptian cotton bed sheets and find out how they can improve the beauty of your room and the quality of your sleep. 

The Hottest Shades for Summer Heat

Want to sleep easier without compromising when it comes to aesthetics? The Ultra Percale Sheet Set may be the solution. Part of the Hotel Collection, this popular set features a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two matching pillowcases made from 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton. At once crisp and cooling, our Ultra Percale sheets have the same fresh feeling as bedding found in the finest five-star hotel. The percale weave is designed to keep sleepers cool on even the hottest of nights. 

Previously, this highly desirable set was available in just two shades: White and Carbon. However, in an effort to serve our growing customer base, we’ve recently expanded the line to include two new shades. A creamy neutral, Bone has a soothing quality that inspires people to drift off to Dreamland. It’s a great choice for those who love soft shades and pretty pastels. Then again, perhaps bolder bedding is your prerogative. If so, you’re sure to appreciate our Slate sheets. Smooth and modern, these grey-colored sheets and pillowcases are on-trend. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Note that the Ultra Percale set is available in sizes Twin, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. The modern design includes exquisite single-needle stitching and extra-deep pockets for customer convenience. 

Need a duvet cover to pair with your new sheets? If so, consider the Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set. As sleek and elegant as the coordinating sheet set, this collection comes complete with a percale duvet cover and matching pillow shams. Choose the same shade as the sheets or opt for a coordinating color. We especially love the way Bone sheets look against a Slate duvet.

Percale Versus Sateen

While many shoppers opt to use their Ultra Percale Sheets and Duvet Covers year-round, this collection is especially ideal during the warmer months. Read on to discover the difference between percale and sateen and find out why percale is great for heat waves. 

Percale Sheets

Featuring a one-over, one-under weave, percale has a smooth, crisp, deliciously fresh feel that’s great for summer. The nature of Egyptian cotton percale means that sheets and pillowcases with this weave are highly breathable. Heat and moisture can pass through the material with ease, meaning you won’t wake up in a ball of sweat-soaked sheets. For this reason, percale is widely regarded as the best option for hot sleepers. 

As an added benefit, percale sheets tend to get softer every time you wash them. So you don’t have to worry about your bedding falling apart when you toss it in the wash. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Sateen Sheets

If you prefer your bedding silky and soft rather than crisp and fresh, sateen may be the way to go. Featuring a one-under, three-over weave, sateen drapes beautifully and is naturally wrinkle resistant. So your sateen sheets will also look smooth and luxurious. It’s worth noting that sateen sheets tend to trap heat more than their percale counterparts. For this reason, we recommend using sateen during the winter months. 

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Why Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

Regardless of the weave you choose, Egyptian cotton bedding offers the best night’s sleep. Made from extra-long staple fibers that were hand-picked in the Nile River Valley, Egyptian cotton accounts for just 1 percent of the world’s cotton. Because it was grown in vitamin-rich soil, Egyptian cotton stands the test of time, maintaining its softness and durability through hundreds of washes. 

Not all cotton bearing the Egyptian label is actually the real deal. Before investing in new bedding, be sure that it bears the Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval, indicating its authenticity. The last thing you want to do is pay too much for low-quality sheets that don’t do what they claim. 

Choose Pure Parima Over the Competition

There are many reasons that customers choose Pure Parima over the competition. While other bedding manufacturers mislead shoppers about the quality of their products, Pure Parima built its reputation on truth and transparency. To that end, every product we sell bears the Cotton Egypt Association label to certify its authenticity. Additionally, we avoid harmful chemicals and substances, so you can sleep on our sheets worry-free. Want to enjoy high-quality bedding that’s as comfortable as it is aesthetically appealing? Shop our sheet selection today and start getting better rest.

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