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Spruce up your bedroom with the popular farmhouse design style, which features rustic charm, rural architecture, and modern comforts. Farmhouse décor incorporates sleek contemporary lines with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to ensure it is comfy and inviting. It can also be a very sophisticated choice if the correct elements and statement pieces are used. Keep reading to reveal how you can create a bedroom that is both elegant and eclectic using Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets.

Luxurious Layering

The key to creating a farmhouse bedroom that is not only comfy but also sumptuous and sophisticated is adding layers to your bed to create dimensional texture. The most important thing to remember when trying to layer a mattress properly is to have an exquisite foundation. The timeless beauty of the 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Yalda Sheet Set will add refined luxury to your bed and act as the perfect base layer. Then, you can continue to layer pillows such as the contemporary Pure Parima decorative lumbar pillow and the 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Hira Duvet over the top for an authentic farmhouse bedroom.  

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Rustic Furnishings

The bed is the focal point of any bedroom; with that being said, an easy way to add a rustic farmhouse vibe is by incorporating a wooden or iron-crafted headboard and side tables alongside your bed, adorned in Giza Egyptian Cotton Linen. When shopping for furniture that fits into the perfect cozy farmhouse, distressed aesthetic finishes will be vital in getting the rustic look and feel you desire. In addition, antique and contemporary furniture pieces will help you transform your space into an elegant farmhouse or country villa.

Rural Color Scheme

Once you have successfully adorned your bed with Giza Egyptian Cotton Sheets and rustic furnishings are now decorating your room, we can move on to incorporating the perfect farmhouse color scheme. Soft neutral hues are trendy for a rural room, and we recommend mixing in some charcoal or black shades to ground your neutral color palette. Easily break up chalky shades with the matte carbon black finish of our 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton Ultra Percale Duvet Cover. If you would like a softer shade to ground your space, the smooth finish of the lustrous Giza Hira Duvet Cover in Charcoal will be the perfect finishing touch.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set

Contemporary Lighting

Luckily many lighting options can create a rustic element to your farmhouse space. For example, luxurious candle pots and whole-length candlesticks placed inside dramatic candle holders are a nod to the old west without coming off as kitsch. Adding a farmhouse chandelier is another way to achieve Rustic Americana charm without a barn. This will add the perfect touch of modern and contemporary flair to transform any room from bland to farmhouse chic. 

Behind Pure Parima 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton

All Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure Parima is proud to have 100% certifiable luxury Egyptian Cotton to gift you the night of rest you deserve.

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