Your Bedroom Should Be a Stress-Free Zone

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April is Stress Awareness Month

– and while it may seem hard to de-stress every aspect of your life – we have some tips to eliminate stress from your safe space, your bedroom! Your bedroom should be the one place you can enter and have the stresses of the days roll off your shoulders so you can finally relax before the most important part of your day – sleep.

The Importance of Quality Sheets

Your bedding choice is super important when it comes to creating comfort for yourself. Pure Parima is one of the few bedding brands that is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association and only offers 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton products. Egyptian Cotton is known to last long and provide extraordinary comfort because of the fiber’s length, strength, and softness. Sheets and other bedding made from Egyptian Cotton are breathable, durable, and silky-soft to the touch. The ideal thread count is between 300 and 800. Anything more than 800 thread count will feel heavy and leaves less room for breathability.

Color & Its Impact

Colors can greatly impact your mood, which is why it’s so important when it comes to decorating a special space like your bedroom! Stick to whites, blues, yellows, greys, and greens. These colors are often soothing, calming, and can help you feel grounded. Whatever color you do choose, make sure that it’s something you love and will be happy with!

Minimal Decor

Keep your decor minimal so that you don’t have to feel cramped or over-cluttered in your space! A small potted plant can help brighten up your room, but move the dozens of books into an office or living space. Hang up a few pieces of artwork to give your bedroom some personality, but leave the gallery walls for your living room. Keeping a minimally decorated space in your bedroom can help you relax and think more clearly - like lowering the volume of music when you're trying to find the right address!

Keeping a Cleaning Schedule

A clean and organized bedroom will greatly impact mood and stress levels.. Having a schedule of when your bedding should be washed, dusting should be done, and clothes should be laundered will help you stay on top of chores and not feel overwhelmed.

Why is De-Stressing Important?

The World Health Organization declared stress a health epidemic of the 21st century! Stress can negatively impact our daily lives, health, and quality of sleep, leading to a shorter life span and more susceptible to illnesses. At Pure Parima, we have vowed to personally tackle stress head-on by sharing informational blogs, how to's on de-stressing, and cures recommended by health care professionals! Keep checking back here and on our social media to learn more!


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