What to Consider When Shopping for Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Egyptian cotton sheets have a reputation for being the highest quality option on the market. At once durable and silky soft, this luxury sheet fabric is widely known for helping problem sleepers rest easy. Unfortunately, many of the brands professing to sell Egyptian cotton sheets are actually passing off lesser blends and synthetics as the real thing. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about ensuring that all bedding customers get exactly what they pay for. If you’re thinking of investing in Egyptian cotton sheets keep these questions in mind before opening your wallet.

Where the Fabric Was Grown

When was the last time you considered where your sheets came from? If the label says Egyptian cotton, then your sheets should be made from cotton grown in Egypt’s Nile River Valley. Hand harvested and manufactured in a way that puts less stress on the cotton fibers, this fabric features thinner, straighter strands of yarn that can be woven together to make a softer and more durable sheet. For best results, choose only those products that bear the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of approval on the package.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

What the Thread Count Is

When it comes to choosing sheets, shoppers often make the mistake of assuming that a higher thread count correlates with a better quality product. What buyers might not know is that there’s a limit on the number of threads that can fit into a square inch of fabric. While many bedding brands profess to sell sheets with a thread count of 1000 or higher, the truth is that it’s physically impossible to fit more than 800 threads into a fabric square. To achieve this result, some companies use inferior multi-ply yarn, which is made by twisting two or three weaker threads together. For the best and softest sheets, look for certified 100 percent Egyptian cotton with a thread count between 200 and 800.

What Aesthetic You Want

Of course choosing the best bedding is about more than numbers and certifications. Naturally, the style of your sheet set is of paramount importance. The good news is that you can find Egyptian cotton in a wide range of colors, styles, patterns, and textures. For those who prefer a crisp, minimalist look, you might want to consider Pure Parima’s Yalda Sheet Set in sleek ivory. Sleek and sophisticated, this option features clean lines and double hem stitched sheets. On the other hand, families with kids or pets might prefer a sheet sheet in a darker shade. For a more romantic look that also conceals, consider Pure Parima’s Ariane Sheet Set in gray. The set boasts luxurious self-colored scroll embroidery and an ultra-rich sateen finish.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

How It Feels

Speaking of finishes, the way your bedding feels to the skin is naturally crucial. While Egyptian cotton tends to be smoother and softer than other materials, it pays to consider the weave you want in your sheet set. The Pure Parima brand offers multiple options, from the smooth and crisp feel of the Yalda collection to the buttery soft texture of the Ariane line. On the other hand, the Triple Luxe Sateen Hotel Collection features Giza cotton that reminds sleepers of the kind of bedding they’d encounter in the finest five-star hotel.

Find the Perfect Night's Sleep at Pure Parima

Founded with a goal of bringing quality and transparency back to the world of bedding, Pure Parima is proud to offer a wide array of sheets and duvet covers featuring 100 percent Egyptian cotton sourced from the Nile River Valley. Ready to get the sleep you deserve? Shop online today and start sleeping easy. 

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