What Sheets Do 5-Star Hotels Use?

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Hotel Bedroom
Travel can be stressful. Between crowded planes and flight delays, missing suitcases, and packed airports, it’s common to arrive at your destination exhausted. So, it’s only natural that hotels would want to provide guests with the exceptional bedding needed to help them rest easy after a particularly taxing trip. Enter the world of hotel-quality bedding. The most luxurious five-star hotels select high-end bedding that’s at once breathable and soft. Because hotels wash their bedding after every visitor, the sheets and pillowcases must be highly durable. The last thing hotels want is for their products to fall apart in the wash or for guests to complain because bedding doesn’t meet their needs. 

Wondering what sheets your favorite hotel chain uses? Keep reading to learn about the coolest, crispest, silkiest bedding options on the market, along with the deals currently available at Pure Parima. We look forward to getting to know you and your sleep needs.

Weave Versus Thread Count

Thread count gets a lot of the attention in the world of bedding, and it’s not unimportant. After all, a higher thread count generally correlates with a better-quality sheet, though there’s a ceiling on this measure. It’s impossible to fit more than approximately 800 threads in a square inch of cotton fabric, and companies claiming to do so are misleading consumers. In general, the best bedding products start at a thread count of around 400. However, if you aren’t paying attention to the sheet weave, you’re unlikely to achieve that hotel-quality comfort you desire. That’s because hotels tend to opt for a percale weave (one thread over, one thread under) over sateen (three over, one under). While there’s nothing wrong with sateen, percale weaves tend to be cooler and more breathable for most sleepers.

Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Balls of Yarn

The Benefits of Percale

For those with a penchant for cooling comfort, it’s hard to beat the crisp, fresh feel of percale sheets. Along with featuring a cool, crisp texture, percale tends to be more breathable. So hotel guests will never get hot or suffer uncomfortable night sweats when they’re trying to rest. Regardless of how high the temperature rises, a percale weave will keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

For a high-end percale sheet set sure to help you rest easier, we recommend our Ultra Percale Set. Part of the Hotel Collection, this fresh set gets added style points thanks to the timeless design and matte finish. Plus, the extra-long staple hand-picked cotton fibers will protect your skin from the itching and irritation common with other fabrics. Wondering what color sheet set to choose? There’s a simple sophistication to our White sheets, though the Carbon option adds an element of drama. Look out for new colors Bone and Slate in the coming weeks.


Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

The Softness of Sateen

Then again, some people prefer the feel of an exceptionally soft sheet against their skin. If you love the texture of silk, sateen cotton sheets are a natural choice. Our Triple Luxe Sateen Set is the most indulgent bedding option in our collection. Plus, the triple embroidered stitching and subtle stripe pattern adds an aura of elegance to any bedroom. The opaque fabric comes in an array of shades including Ocean, Arctic, Teal, and Gold. While not as cooling as percale, sateen sheets are still highly breathable, making them a great selection for hot sleepers and allergy sufferers alike.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Deals and Steals

At Pure Parima, we believe everyone deserves access to premium bedding regardless of budget. For this reason, we’re excited to be offering several deals on our Last Chance page. Providing an array of deals and steals at a deep discount, these final sale items are available at 30% off. Searching for new sheets? Consider our Hira Sheet Set in Ivory, Linen, Icy Blue, or Grey. Then again maybe you’re in the market for a blanket to keep you warm on chilly spring nights. Whatever bedding item you choose, we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with this purchase.

Trust Pure Parima With Your Family's Comfort

Buttery soft and ultra-cooling, Pure Parima sheet set come in a wide array of styles from traditional to trendy, modern to classic. There’s a reason customers with sensitive skin choose this brand over the competition. Additionally, Pure Parima shoppers benefit from several perks, including free shipping and returns, sustainable gift wrapping, and customer care. Whether you’re looking for sheets or duvet covers, pillows, or quilted coverlets, count on us to provide what you need. We look forward to helping you sleep better.

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