What Only Egyptian Cotton Sheets & Duvet Cover Sets Can Offer You

Pure Parima brings you Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Duvet Covers, which are known for their beauty and elegance. Egyptian Cotton is made up of long fibers that are spun together to make a strong and smooth yarn, which is then turned into the softest fabric. Egyptian Cotton is also suitable for all kinds of skin, especially sensitive skin types. Egyptian Cotton is comfortable, breathable and soft, allowing you a peaceful night’s rest while also providing a lush luxurious look for your bedroom. Egyptian Cotton is a rarity because many companies do not offer Egyptian Cotton, but Pure Parima offers you Pure 100 % Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Duvet Cover Sets.

Here are some advantages:

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Egyptian Cotton is the perfect combination of comfort and luxury. Their soft and airy material allows you to sleep and rest peacefully the whole night, while their silky texture and sheen look makes for a luxurious bed. Here are a few benefits of getting Egyptian cotton sheets for your bed.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Pilling Prevention

While other fabrics create pills of themselves after a particular amount of usage, Egyptian Cotton Sheets are resistant to these conditions. Pills are not only disconcerting to look at but their hand-feel is undesirable as well. These rarely occur with pure Egyptian Cotton sheets.

Just the Right Amount of Thread Count

A higher thread count does not always mean better quality. Sometimes too much of something is not always the best, instead we opt for a thread count that is just enough where it feels soft while still retaining its sateen luxurious look.


Like all sheets, proper care and washing is needed to maintain its quality but despite our best efforts, some bedding essentials will still begin to fade and lose its beauty. Not Egyptian Cotton though! With regular care, it will last a longer period of time than any average sheet.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets


While Egyptian Cotton sheets are not exactly cheap because of their rarity and intricate designing, they are, however, very durable and will last for long period of time. This makes them cost-effective, as after buying them you will not have to replace them so soon like other regular sheets.

Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Sets

Pure Parima offers you a variety of Duvet Cover Sets to choose from. For the winter season, Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers are just perfect because while they keep you warm on the cold breezy nights, the warmth of it is not suffocating. The airy material of the cover allows just enough air to pass through that the heat does not become uncomfortable for you. You will have a sound, peaceful sleep and wake up fresh the next morning. Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers are soft, comfortable and lightweight as well. While they keep you warm they will not bother you with its weight. Shop the most luxurious 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Sets only on PureParima.com

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