What Makes the Perfect Duvet?

pure parima what makes the perfect duvet

So you’ve decided you want your bed to become a fluffy cloud. Welcome to the club! But what exactly gives you that plushy look and feel? There are many factors to consider when searching for a duvet insert that will provide comfort, warmth, and style. Learn about the different features that determine the quality of your duvet.


Duvets are usually filled with down or down alternative feathers, however, the type of down used is what really determines the warmth it will provide. Goose down, duck down, or even microfiber fillings are used. If you are looking for the fill that gives the loftiest, warmest duvet, you want to look for European White Goose Down. This type of down is renowned for its natural large feather clusters which results in a very warm and cozy down duvet. If you are looking for a down alternative option, our Poly VirtuDown® fill perfectly mimics the texture and warmth of genuine goose down.

pure parima down duvet insert

Fill Power

When you’re shopping around for a duvet insert, you will most likely come across fill power. So what exactly is fill power? Fill power refers to the quality of the actual feathers by assessing how much space one ounce of down will take up. The reason this is so important is because the higher the fill power, the more insulated the duvet will be allowing for the trapping of more air, keeping you warmer at night. However, the type of down fill is just as important so it’s hard to consider one number as the best fill power all around. That being said, normally you would aim for a fill power between 600 and 700 to ensure proper comfort. Our duvet inserts stand at 600+ fill power providing adequate warmth and breathability. 

pure parima down duvet insert


Having a quality material and good fill power is great, however, it means nothing if the duvet is not constructed correctly. Look for duvets with a quilted baffle-box construction that keeps the fill even and balanced throughout the duvet. This will hold the fill in individual pockets to avoid uneven structuring even while you toss and turn. This also helps keep it properly filled after washing as well. 

pure parima down duvet insert

Quick tip: Use wool dryer balls when drying your duvets to keep the fill distributed evenly! Visit our care guide for more tips.

Duvet Cover

Just as you would protect your mattress with sheets, covering your duvet with a duvet cover is extremely important. Protecting it from oils, sweat, and stains, you can create a bedroom oasis with your favorite cover and keep you comfortable. Choosing the right material for your duvet cover is as important as the duvet itself as it will be directly against your skin all night. Choose sateen if you want to keep that warm, soft silky feel, and opt for percale if you consider yourself a hot sleeper. If you are a sateen lover, try our Yalda duvet cover set for style and warmth. For our percale pals, our Ultra Percale duvet cover is the perfect way to keep you cool and cozy for your most comfortable sleep yet. 

Shop Duvet Inserts & Duvet Covers at Pure Parima

Finding the perfect bedding can be daunting but at Pure Parima, we want to make it as easy as possible. We offer down and down alternative duvet inserts and an array of duvet covers to build your dream bed that keeps you cozy all year round. All of our duvet inserts are made to fit perfectly inside our duvet covers for your convenience. Shop the best Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, and more.

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