What Makes Our Egyptian Cotton So Soft & Smooth?

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

When you first try Egyptian cotton sheets, you will most likely notice a huge difference in your sleep quality and the way it feels against your skin. Known for being extremely soft, smooth, and luxurious, Egyptian cotton is produced under specific conditions that make it so rare and unique. Read on to learn more about where Egyptian cotton comes from and why our Egyptian cotton sheets are so silky smooth.

Extra-Long Staple Cotton Fibers

Derived from the Nile River Valley, Egyptian cotton fibers are much longer and stronger creating softer, more durable fabric. In addition to the plant's uniqueness, certified Egyptian cotton is hand-picked for the most delicate handling to avoid any damage to the fibers. This helps preserve them until they are ready to be spun into fabric. Other kinds of cotton, such as American or Indian cotton, do not contain long-staple fibers, which explains why those fabrics may not be as soft and supple as Egyptian cotton.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Excellent Growing Conditions

As mentioned earlier, Egyptian cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley which is essential to the growing process as this location contains exceptional climate conditions. Stable warm weather is important in order for this cotton plant to grow successfully and the Nile River provides just that. Extensive irrigation and continuous nutrient supply also aid in Egyptian cotton’s growth and eventual luscious hand feel. Keeping climate and location a priority when growing cotton is essential in creating quality linens.

Single-Ply Yarn

A huge misconception, a higher thread count does not strictly indicate softer, better sheets. In fact, this could mean quite the opposite. When companies claim they use extremely high thread counts like 800, 1000, or even 1500, that simply means they are twisting many strands of yarn together to create what manufacturers refer to as multi-ply yarn. These would then be weaved into the fabric and considered “high thread count”. Unfortunately, this does not result in high-quality fabric as those strands are often made from cheaper kinds of cotton or weaker threads. Pure Parima uses single-ply yarn made from Egyptian cotton to create finer and more durable fabric than any other cotton, which makes for the softest, most breathable sheets.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Weave Pattern

Depending on the type of fabric you want, the weave is a personal preference. However, our soft, silky, and smooth sheets are made with a sateen weave which refers to a three-over, one-under weave pattern usually made with thicker yarn delivering a heavier - but silkier - fabric. Sateen is more wrinkle-resistant and gives off a beautiful sheen. So, if you are looking for a soft, smooth, silky set of sheets, Egyptian cotton sateen is for you! Try our Yalda collection for ultra-soft and breathable luxury, or choose our Triple Luxe Sateen collection to experience our most silky, smooth hotel-esque fabric!

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Shop The Softest Egyptian Cotton Sheets at Pure Parima

At Pure Parima, we use only the finest quality materials and ensure a certified and safe process for all of our products so you can sleep comfortably in real luxury. Find all your bedding essentials from Egyptian cotton sheets to inserts and protectors and sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new products arrive. Be sure to take our quiz for a personalized recommendation and have fun building your dream bed!

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