What Is the Difference Between a Coverlet and a Quilt?

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

While temperatures may be warming up, winter has yet to release its icy grip on us completely. So it’s a great time to add an extra blanket to your bed. An ideal accompaniment to your duvet, a coverlet or quilt keeps you warm on cold nights. Additionally, it can be the perfect weight for the spring days ahead. Wondering whether a coverlet or quilt is suitable for your needs? Keep reading to learn more about these bedding options and discover which one best fits your lifestyle. 

Get to Know Coverlets

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight blanket to use on its own or something extra for snuggling on chilly evenings, a coverlet is a great way to go. The top layer of the bed, a coverlet can range from throw blanket size to the size of your bed. Made from a lighter material than comforters, coverlets come in a wide range of colors and styles. As a result, they’re a perfect option for adding interest to your space. Additionally, coverlets tend to be on the thin side, meaning you can easily wash them in a machine. So you don’t have to waste time going to the dry cleaner. 

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

Get to Know Quilts

While some people prefer coverlets, others are drawn to the traditional, cozy appeal of a quilt. Crafted from warm, durable materials, quilts tend to feature three layers. The decorative layer refers to the top layer of fabric and often features beautiful colors and patterns. The middle layer, batting is made up of cotton or synthetic fibers and is the part of the quilt that keeps you warm. Finally, quilts feature a backing layer, which can showcase plain fabric or something more ornate. All the layers of the quilt are stitched together for an end result that’s both functional and attractive. 

pure parima coverlet vs quilt

Both coverlets and quilts have their advantages. If you want to create a bedroom with old-fashioned or rustic appeal, quilts are a natural choice. Then again, if you prefer a look that’s more classic or modern, coverlets may be the way to go. Ultimately, the right blanket is whichever one meets your needs concerning both aesthetics and warmth. 

Pure Parima Coverlets

Pure Parima offers luxurious Diamond Quilted Coverlets for those customers seeking a little extra coziness. Ideal for upgrading your bedroom while adding warmth, our coverlets are crafted from extra-long staple hand-picked cotton fibers. The end result is a cooling coverlet set that works well for all seasons. Additionally, this piece gets extra style points thanks to the petite diamond reversible pattern and ultra silky sateen back on the matching pillow shams. At once sophisticated and sleek, this set comes in an assortment of on-trend shades, including White, Soft Peach, Spa, Charcoal, and Midnight. Choose from sizes queen and king/California king. 

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

It’s worth noting that our Diamond Quilted Coverlet Set, like the rest of our bedding items, is OEKO-TEX certified. That means it’s manufactured free from harmful chemicals and substances. The end result is you can feel good about where you’re laying your head at night. 

Caring for Your Coverlet

Proper care can ensure your coverlet set lasts for years to come. For best results, we recommend not washing your coverlet, shams, or other bedding items with anything that can damage the fabric. We’re talking about the buttons, snaps, zippers, and hooks frequently present on clothes. Additionally, it’s best to use a mild, liquid, biodegradable detergent and avoid products like whiteners, brighteners, laundry softeners, or bleaches. These items contain harsh chemicals that can weaken your Egyptian cotton linens over time and cause the colors to dim. 

pure parima egyptian cotton care guide

When washing your coverlet, we recommend using cold water and half the recommended amount of detergent. You may want to use warm water if the bedding is particularly dirty. It’s also best to avoid pouring detergent on top of your blankets.

We suggest line-drying your sheets and coverlets whenever possible. However, you can also dry items in the machine provided that you choose the delicate or permanent press setting. For best results, refrain from using excessive heat and remove your coverlet before it’s fully dry. Doing this will help ensure your coverlet retains its smoothness and beauty for years to come. Visit our care guide for more information on how to care for your Egyptian cotton linens.

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