What is Giza Egyptian Cotton?

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Duvet Set

Egyptian cotton is a well-known buzzword in the bedding world. However, shoppers are often less familiar with the term Giza cotton. A high-quality fabric, Giza cotton is a desirable material thanks to its strength, quality, and softness. Boasting extra-long staple fibers, Giza cotton results in a finer yarn and ultimately a more satisfying night’s sleep. 

Grown along the fertile Nile River, Giza cotton enjoys special qualities thanks to the nutrient-rich soil in which it’s cultivated. Additionally, the high humidity levels in this part of the world result in an ideal growing environment for cotton. Although Giza cotton only makes up 20 percent of the ELS cotton in the world, it’s widely regarded as one of the best bedding options on the market today. In fact, the Giza 45 variety is called the queen of Egyptian cotton. Keep reading to learn more about Giza Egyptian cotton and discover tips on choosing the best bedding for you and your family.

Get to Know Giza Egyptian Cotton

Soil might not seem like a significant factor when it comes to cotton quality. However, the truth is that the growing location of Giza cotton has a major effect on the final product. The section of the Nile where Giza grows results in a lightweight cotton supply that never loses its softness. The end result is a superior cotton plant that’s ideal for numerous applications, from clothing to sheets. 

The extra-long staple fibers found in Giza cotton also tend to be smoother than those found in other varieties of cotton. Whether you prefer the feel of crisp percale or silky sateen, Giza cotton will result in a more luxurious yarn that protects and preserves sensitive skin. 

Additionally, Giza cotton differs from the competition in that it’s picked by hand. Though the process of hand-harvesting is time-consuming, it helps create a yield of Giza cotton fibers that are longer and more complete. On the other hand, harvesting machines have blades that arbitrarily cut cotton resulting in short, weakened fibers. If you want your sheets and pillowcases to hold up through dozens of washes, never pilling or tearing, starting with Giza cotton is the way to go.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Benefits of Giza Cotton

The world’s best cotton offers numerous advantages over the competition. Here are three advantages of Giza cotton over other varieties on the market:

Softer Fabric

There are a few things more important than the feel of the sheets against your skin when it comes to bedding. Giza cotton has a silky feel with minimal irregularities thanks to its high uniformity index. So light sleepers don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night because bedding is scratching or itching their skin. You can toss and turn to your heart’s content without ever irritating your complexion. 

Cleaner Cotton

Not all cotton possesses the same level of cleanliness. One of the benefits of Giza cotton is that it tends to be cleaner than other varieties on the market. Because of the special hand-harvesting method and unique cultivation, Egyptian cotton doesn’t require the same treatment that other cotton does. Additionally, companies like Pure Parima avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the fiber and even affect your long-term health. 

Smoother Texture

One of the reasons to choose Giza cotton is that it’s less likely to rip, tear, or pill, no matter how many times you wash it. That’s because the fabric features extra-long staple fibers that have more surface area for threads to grab hold of one another. Long-lasting and comfortable, your Giza cotton sheets will feel great for years to come.

The Best Giza Cotton Bedding

For a great night’s sleep, you can’t go wrong with 100 percent Giza Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers. If you’re searching for a bedding product that’s as beautiful as it is soft to the touch, our Hira Sheet Set is a natural choice. At once silky and lustrous, this stylish collection boasts extra-long staple fibers and contemporary accent diamond embroidery. Customers can choose from an array of trending hues from Spa to Midnight. 

Want to complete your room’s transformation? If so, consider accenting your new sheets with one of our Hira Duvet Cover Sets. Boasting the same diamond embroidery as the sheets, the duvet cover set includes a cover and matching pillows. Opt for the same shade as your bedding or switch things up with a complementary hue.

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover and Sheet Set


Choose Giza Egyptian Cotton for Better Sleep

Pure Parima holds the distinction of selling only those products that bear the Cotton Egypt Association. In other words, all our sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers are made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton that’s been DNA tested for authenticity. Additionally, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our products free from harmful chemicals or substances. Customers can sleep worry-free knowing that they’re getting a good night’s rest while preserving their health. For more on our selection, contact the Pure Parima team or shop our sheets online. We look forward to helping you live a better life.

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