What is Baffle-Box Construction?

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An essential feature when it comes to duvets and toppers, baffle-box construction helps to keep the fill evenly distributed for proper warmth and comfort. Take a look at how this is possible and what the construction within the product looks like to understand why it is so important.

How the Fill Keeps From Spreading

Within the topper or duvet that you are using, assuming it features a baffle-box construction, there will be a lining pattern of sorts that makes a grid-like shape. There is a thin piece of fabric that connects each side of the duvet or topper so that the down or down alternative fill does not spread throughout and cause uneven fill. 

pure parima baffle box construction

Why is Baffle-Box Construction Important?

Without a structured system inside your duvets and toppers, there is nothing keeping the fill from moving around while you sleep, or during a wash cycle. This can create uneven bulkiness which can make it much less comfortable to sleep with. You want to rely on your bedding to keep you warm and cozy all night long, regardless of tossing and turning or intense movement. Having little fabric barriers in between sections of the feathers will help distribute them properly for maximum comfort and even heat distribution. 

The Best Duvets & Toppers

Always look for baffle-box construction in your duvets, comforters, and toppers to ensure your best quality sleep. Additionally, it’s important to make sure any bedding product you purchase is OEKO-Tex certified for a safe and chemical-free sleep. Shop down, down alternative, and lightweight down alternative duvets for the perfect luxury getaway. And plump it up with our down and down alternative mattress toppers for extra cushion and height. 

pure parima down alternative mattress topper

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