What Are the Warmest Sheets?

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

When it comes to achieving a restful night's sleep, the right bed sheets can make all the difference. As the colder months approach, the quest for warmth and comfort becomes paramount. Enter the world of the warmest sheets – a delightful combination of materials, weaves, and technologies designed to keep you snug and cozy during chilly nights.

Materials to Keep You Warm

The warmth of bed sheets primarily depends on the materials used in their construction. Flannel and fleece, for instance, are popular choices due to their insulating properties. These sheets are known for their brushed finish that traps warmth and provides a soft feel. Their inherent softness and ability to retain heat make them a favorite for those seeking lots of warmth.

It's essential to consider the weave of the sheets as well. The flannel's napped finish, for example, contributes to its warmth-retaining abilities. Similarly, jersey knit sheets, made from T-shirt-like material, offer a cozy stretchiness perfect for cold nights, but may not be for everyone. 

The Best Sheets for Cooler Weather

Although fabrics like fleece and flannel are very warm, they can be too warm depending on your preference. Overheating is commonly associated with these fabrics. A great alternative is Egyptian cotton, specifically a sateen weave. These sheets are made with rare cotton fibers that produce extra soft, silky and warm sheets. Additionally, the sateen weave is created with a 3-over, 1-under pattern which contains heat more as opposed to other more breathable weaves like percale. However, the major benefit of Egyptian cotton sateen sheets is that despite the cozy warmth, it is still breathable making it the perfect balance. Materials like fleece and flannel, although extremely warm, do not allow adequate breathability, thus becoming uncomfortable within a matter of minutes. Take a look at some of our favorites for the colder months:

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set

Part of our hotel collection, Triple Luxe Sateen is our warmest collection yet made with a luxuriously soft sateen weave. Because of the extremely soft fibers and perfectly balanced thread count, this collection is known to be the best option for cold sleepers who prefer a soft, silky, and smooth hand feel. Created with an exquisite triple baratta stitch design, our softest collection is sure to provide luxurious hotel quality that you can enjoy for years to come.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Ultra Sateen Sheet Set

As stated in the name, our Ultra Sateen collection is just that. A luxurious Egyptian cotton sateen fabric that provides adequate warmth and breathability for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you prefer sheets that are warm but not overly silky, this is for you. Our newest collection, Ultra Sateen is available in four luscious collections: White, Ivory, Icy Blue, and Charcoal. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Shop the Warmest Sheets with Pure Parima

As the temperature continues to dip, it is important that you upgrade your bedding and keep warm this season. Find all your cozy essentials from Egyptian cotton sheets, to warm fluffy inserts and more and create the bed of your dreams. If you are looking for your perfect collection, take our quiz for a personalized recommendation. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on all things Pure Parima.

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