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Failing to get a good night’s sleep can impact both your physical health and your mental wellness. Unfortunately, a study by Sleep Foundation revealed that fewer than 65 percent of adults in the U.S. get the required seven hours of sleep a night. With lack of sleep causing everything from high blood pressure and heart failure to depression, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of Americans are seeking ways to get more rest. From relaxing with essential oils to investing in better bedding, here are some of our top suggestions for sleeping easier in 2022.


Didn’t get the chance to visit your favorite spa this year? The good news is you can still indulge in some quality pampering from the comfort of home. One of the best ways to improve the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting, while enjoying some much needed relaxation, is to invest in a diffuser. Along with providing a soothing scent to the home, diffusers add much-needed moisture to the air – something all of us could benefit from with temperatures dropping. For an extra-luxurious experience, order high-quality essential oils in calming scents like lavender, rose, jasmine, and vanilla. Run your diffuser a couple hours before bed, and you’ll soon be ready to drift off to Dreamland.

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Eye Mask

When it comes to insomnia issues, one of the first things sleep experts say is to take a look at your bedroom environment. If your curtains are letting in light from outside – or your partner insists on sleeping with the TV on – the added brightness could be interfering with your ability to rest. In fact, scientists say that light actually suppresses the release of melatonin, a hormone that’s essential for sleep. By blocking the light, you send a message to your body and brain that it’s night and therefore time to sleep. Fortunately, you don’t have to purchase blackout curtains (or buy a new house) to get more rest. On the contrary, picking up a weighted eye mask can do the trick. For best results, purchase a mask you can put in the freezer or microwave to soothe tired eyes before you slumber.

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New Pajamas

It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re cold, itchy, or just plain uncomfortable. If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, it might be time to invest in some new pajamas. When it comes to comfort, it’s hard to beat satin nightwear. Silky soft and cooling, this fabric is great for hot sleepers and those residing in cooler climates. Then again, if you regularly wake up shivering, you might want to swap out your summer sleepwear for cozy flannel PJs. Made from cotton that’s been brushed to trap more heat, flannel acts as an insulator, making it a great option for winter. Whether you’re sleeping alone or snuggling up with someone special, new pajamas are a must for cold nights.

A Warm Coverlet

Speaking of chilly winter weather, there are few things better than cuddling under a blanket when it’s cold out. Warm and cozy, the right blanket has a comforting quality that helps you let go of stress and float away into a sea of sweet dreams. Luckily, Pure Parima has the perfect Egyptian cotton coverlet available for just this purpose. Boasting a petite diamond quilted pattern, this coverlet comes with matching shams featuring a sateen pillow back. At once sophisticated and cozy, this sophisticated set is a great choice for master bedrooms, kids’ rooms, and guest rooms. Our Egyptian cotton sheets offer an array of neutral hues, including White, Tan, Spa, Grey, and Charcoal.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton coverlet set

The Comfiest Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The foundation of any bed, sheets are crucial for getting enough rest. After all, this bedding component is the one that comes into direct contact with your skin, and the wrong sheets can result in itchiness, allergies, skin sensitivities, and overheating. Whether you struggle to sleep through the night or simply want to treat yourself, a new set of Egyptian cotton sheets makes a great Christmas gift. For problem sleepers, we recommend our Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set, made with triple embroidered stitching and boasting a luscious sateen finish. As a bonus, this incredible collection is both exceptionally warm and highly breathable, meaning you don’t have to worry about waking up drenched in sweat. This collection of Egyptian cotton sheets feature an elegant triple embroidered barratta stitch like Arctic, Dune, Ocean, and Graphite.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets hotel collection

Shop Egyptian Cotton Sheets and More at Pure Parima

There’s a reason bedding experts far and wide recommend Egyptian cotton sheets over other options on the market. Grown and hand harvested in the fertile Nile River Valley, this luxurious fabric boasts extra-long staple fibers. The end result is a stronger, less breakable cotton that remains silky smooth after even hundreds of washes. Ready to experience the difference that comes with high-end bedding? Shop our selection online and give yourself the gift of better sleep this holiday.

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