Top 5 Pure Parima Blogs of the Month - March 2023

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

It’s officially spring and a time when most people start deep cleaning and getting ready for the upcoming warmer months. We’re here to share our top 5 blogs of the month to help you get started on your cleaning journey! Take a glance at our blogs below for tips on cleaning, styling, and choosing fresh new essentials for the bedroom.

Best Advance Tips on How to Wash Your Expensive Sheets

The biggest task when it comes to spring cleaning in the bedroom is washing your sheets. Find out how to properly care for your Egyptian cotton linens and learn special tips on how to keep them clean all season long.

7 Tips to Keep Your Bed Sheets New

Tired of replacing old worn out sheets? Check out our guide on how to keep your sheets looking fresh and feeling soft to last you year round.

How to Choose Luxury Bedding

If you’re looking to bring on a more elegant feel but not sure how to choose the right style or fabric, this blog is for you. Learn what to look out for when choosing the most luxurious bedding for your space.

Trending Bedroom Colors for 2023: Navy Blue and Beige

Take a look at some of the big trend colors for 2023 and see how to incorporate these into your style creating the springtime bedroom of your dreams.

What Is the Difference Between a Coverlet and a Quilt?

As the weather gets warmer, your bedding will most likely change. Using quilts or coverlets is a great way to keep you warm without overheating. Find out the difference between the two and which works best for you.

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