Tips on Hosting Overnight Guests

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There’s nothing quite like enjoying time with your friends and families. Since up to 63% of all U.S. adults plan to travel during the holiday seasons, it’s time to polish your hosting skills. 

Regardless of whether you’re hosting guests overnight or for the week, you need to make some adjustments and tweaks. To ensure you don’t go overboard, you need to learn the top tips and tricks for hosting guests. 

From investing in luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets from PureParima to creating meal plans, there’s a lot that you need to consider. Here are the top eight tips on hosting overnight guests:

Create a Luxurious Great Room

Create a comfy bed with a duvet cover and sateen sheets, and include an iron, alarm clock, and spare hangers to make your great room look more welcoming. 

Ensure your guest’s comfort by leaving a water bottle, a box of mints, and a note with your Wi-Fi password on your side drawer. Bonus points for leaving hand sanitizer, hand cream, and face masks!

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Plan Meals

In most cases, you’ll already know your guest’s appetites, arrival times, drinking habits, and allergies. After learning your guest’s food preferences, you can begin preparing meals. 

Here’s an easy to follow guide to prepping meals:

  • Order Food or Cook Meals in Advance- If you’re adept in the kitchen, consider cooking potted meals, soups, sausage, chili or trays, mac and cheese, cookies, and other dishes that you can prepare or refrigerate with minimum effort. If not, you can order takeout or buy frozen meals
  • Take Out Cutlery- Select clean and attractive plates and take out the dishes, platters, and tabletops you’re going to need 
  • Keep it Simple- No need to splurge on caviar or Kobe beef; keep it simple and delicious. Your guests want to spend time with you, not go for a luxurious dinner  
  • Freshen Up Your Room- Buy flowers to freshen up the look of your dinner table 
  • Select Some Tunes- Make your home lively and welcoming by selecting some fun or soft tunes

    meal planning before sleeping pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

    Invest in a Luxe Mattress

    If you don’t have a pull-out sofa, futon, or bed in your guest bedroom, you’ll have to invest in a mattress to ensure your guests have a comfortable sleeping surface. Don’t purchase just any mattress, instead invest in a high-quality air mattress. 

    Create a sleep-friendly living space by covering your firm yet comfy mattress with fitted sheets or cotton sheets from PureParima. Plus, you can revamp your guest room with simple changes like changing pillowcases, adding decorative pillows, or using sheet sets.

    Gather Cozy Blankets and Sheets

    Transform your guest room into a ‘VIP’ room by changing traditional, boring sheets with Egyptian cotton bedding. While you can’t give overnight guests a five-star mattress, you can provide them with luxury sheets and cozy blankets. 

    PureParima offers you access to an extensive collection of deluxe Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, and sateen sheets. Ensure your guests are comfortable and warm during the chilliest nights by laying a blanket between your mattress and bedding. 

    Purchase fluffy, luxe, and hypoallergenic pillow covers, sheets, and blankets from PureParima to ensure your guests sleep well throughout the night.

    Create a Butler's Station

    Create a butler’s station to allow your guests to prep meals without having to ask you to or into your pantry and cabinets. Consider putting paper plates and snacks out in the open to enable overnight guests to grab midnight snacks whenever they need and toss them in the trash.

    Here are a couple of things your butler’s station should include:

    • Paper plates, bowls, and cups for a hassle-free cleanup
    • Festive napkins during the holiday season
    • Pre-packaged snacks like popcorn, nuts, and chips
    • Granola bars and cereal boxes for breakfast or as a snack between meals 
    • Teabags, sugar, salt, and pepper
    • Fresh fruits

    Stock Up on Bathroom Necessities

    Give your guests a taste of hotel life by pampering them with bathroom necessities and extras. Think color-coordinated towels, comfy bathrobes, slippers, and mini toiletries.

    Make sure your bathroom is clean, hygienic, and has a consistent water supply.

    bathroom necessities luxury towels

    Accommodate Kids

    If your guests include children, you need to accommodate them as well. If you don’t have any children, consider buying a couple of games or easy craft activities to keep them busy. 

    You may create a designated fun zone and stock a basket with fun kids and adult games. Look for puzzles, arts and crafts stations, card games, and board games. 

    Set fluffy pillows and cozy blankets to enjoy watching a movie with your overnight guests during the night. In addition, if you and the children’s parents are planning to attend parties, shortlist the names of babysitters in your area.

    Keep Calm and Communicate

    Your guests and your family will enjoy an overnight stay if everyone’s on the page. There’s no need to create a lengthy document, but it’s helpful to have a quick discussion beforehand. 

    Discuss arrival times, departure dates, and flight schedules to ensure you know what to expect. Here are the top tips to remember when planning for overnight guests:

    • If you have young children, remind them that they need to respect other people’s belongings and privacy 
    • Discuss children’s bedtimes and mealtimes with guests to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of everyday schedules
    • Don’t fret about planning every second of your guest’s visits. Instead, offer them, and yourself, some downtime and space

    Make Them Feel Special

    Make your guests feel special by ensuring you have everything ready before they come. In addition, make them feel appreciated by letting them know you enjoyed their stay over when they leave.

    You may give them a parting gift or write a cute note and stick it in their handbag or on the suitcase.

    The Bottom Line

    Prep your guest room, kitchen, dining room, and family room to ensure you and your guests both feel content and comfortable.

    Boost your guest’s sleeping experience to ensure they enjoy their visit by investing in the best, most comfortable Egyptian cotton sheets from Pure Parima.


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