These Sleep Accessories Will Be the Gift That Keeps on Giving

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sleep accessories

It’s easy to miss out on sleep when life gets busy. Not only are people willing to stay up late and get up early to complete their to-do lists, but the stress of having a full plate may leave you tossing and turning deep into the night. Insomnia issues only rose during the pandemic in 2020 when up to 25 percent of Americans suffered some type of sleep loss. At Pure Parima, we want to do our part to help people get more sleep so they can enjoy more relaxing, productive, healthful lives. Whether you’re looking for gifts for yourself or someone special in your life, these sleep accessories are designed to help you get better rest.

Satin Sleep Mask

Do you wake up with the sun? Perhaps your spouse’s iPhone addiction means that the blue light is keeping you up at night. Regardless of your issue, a satin sleep mask can help you rest easier. When shopping for a mask, look for an option that doesn’t put pressure on the eyes. Along with causing discomfort that can interfere with your ability to sleep, these masks may result in blurry vision after removal. Consider a contoured mask that can block sun and ambient light without digging into soft skin.

Soothing White Noise Machine

Just as some people are sensitive to light, others jerk awake at the slightest sound. From the noise of the TV to the sound of your neighbors blasting their favorite tunes, a loud bedroom can make sleep seem impossible. Fortunately, a white noise machine may offer the solution you’re seeking. Options range from expensive, state-of-the-art noise devices to apps you can download on your phone. Choose from an array of soothing sounds, including gentle rain, crickets, beach waves, and good-old fashioned white noise. It might be just the thing to help you drift off to Dreamland.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets white noise machine

High-Tech Humidifier

It’s no secret that dry skin is a big problem during the cold weather months, and blasting the heat tends to make the situation that much worse. Additionally, many of us wake up in the middle of the night suffering from dry throat, coughing, and other sinus woes. If you want to feel better (and sleep easier), think about investing in a humidifier. These devices release a clean, soothing mist that helps both your skin and your sinuses. You can even choose a model that includes an essential oil emitter if you want your home to smell like a favorite fragrance.

Back Massager for Your Bed

There’s nothing like a great back massage to get your brain ready for sleep. While you might not be able to book a massage therapist to come just before bedtime, you can simulate that spa feel with an electronic back and neck massager. The best options feature adjustable straps to hold the massager in place on your chair or against your pillow. You’ll be falling asleep in no time.

New Pillows

When was the last time you replaced your pillows? Once upon a time, many people believed that pillows were interchangeable. However, sleep science has changed, and we now know that back, side, and stomach sleepers have different needs when it comes to head and neck support. In general, puffier pillows are best for those who sleep on their back, while stomach sleepers need a lower loft. Do your homework to see if your current options are causing you to toss and turn.

Egyptian Cotton Pillowcases

Speaking of pillows, they won’t do you a lot of good without a pillowcase to protect your skin. For a super-soft option, consider our Yalda Pillowcase Set, made from our extra-long staple, ultra-breathable Egyptian cotton yarn. As a bonus, these cases feature double-hem stitching and our signature side envelope closure. Choose from an array of contemporary colors, including our new Midnight shade.

pure parima egyptian cotton pillowcases

Percale Sheet Set

Of course, all the sleep products and accessories in the world will probably do little good if your sheets aren’t up to snuff. After all, this bedding component is in constant contact with your skin, and the wrong sheets can cause you to toss and turn or wake up pooled in sweat. For a cool, dry night’s rest, there’s no beating our Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Part of our Hotel Collection, these sheets have a crisp, fresh finish that will keep your skin dry no matter how hot you sleep. As a bonus, the matte fabric has an elegant quality thanks to the timeless, calming design. Opt for classic White or enhance the drama factor with the Carbon hue.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Experience True Comfort With Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There’s a reason Pure Parima’s Egyptian cotton sheets are the Editor’s Pick for 2021. Made from cotton grown in the fertile Nile River Valley, our bedding features extra-long staple fibers for a stronger, softer end product. And because every item we sell bears the coveted Cotton Egypt Association seal of certification, you can feel confident that you’re getting what you paid for. Sleep easier knowing your family’s health and comfort are our top priorities. Shop our sheet sets online and experience the Pure Parima difference first hand.

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