The Best Pillow for You Based on Your Sleeping Position

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Choosing the right pillow is essential for getting a good night's sleep and waking up feeling rested and refreshed. Depending on your preferred sleep position and personal comfort preferences, your body may feel more comfortable and supported with a specific type of pillow. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right pillow based on how you sleep:

Side Sleepers

If you sleep on your side, you'll want a pillow that provides proper support to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine. Look for a firm or medium-firm pillow with a higher loft (thickness) to fill the space between your shoulder and head. Memory foam pillows or pillows with a contoured shape can provide excellent support and help relieve pressure points.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers typically require a pillow that offers support while maintaining the neck's natural curve. Look for a medium-firm pillow that is not too high or too flat. Consider our down pillow inserts. With 16 ounces of pure white goose down, this medium firm pillow is perfect for every kind of sleeper, especially back sleepers who require a balance of firmness and plush. Firm enough for all-night support while providing continuous comfort, our pillows are available in down and down alternative options depending on your preference. 

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Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a softer and flatter pillow to prevent strain on the neck and maintain a more neutral spine alignment. Look for a soft pillow or even consider using no pillow at all to avoid excessive arching of the neck. Alternatively, you can use a thin and low-loft pillow to provide some support without elevating your head too much.

Combination Sleepers

If you tend to switch positions throughout the night, consider a versatile pillow that can accommodate various sleep styles. Adjustable pillows filled with shredded memory foam or down feathers allow you to customize the loft and firmness to suit your needs as you change positions. These pillows can be fluffed or compressed to provide support in different sleeping positions. If you are looking for additional softness and warmth, our down pillow inserts provide just that made to fit perfectly in our Egyptian cotton pillowcases.

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