Take Back Your Life with These De-Stressing Tips

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April is Stress Awareness Month

Let’s face it, life can get the best of us, and nothing is more important than our mental health. Stress impacts your sleep patterns, which then a​ffects your body and mind​. Your stress hormones usually peak later in the day, often when you should be relaxing after work and getting ready to start the next day. If you’re feeling stressed to the max, take some of our tips to help you relax this month and always.

Create a Safe Space

Sometimes, you just need a few moments each day away from everyone and everything. Create a safe space where you can sit for a few minutes. Make it comfortable and cozy, somewhere you know you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the area around you. Is it your bedroom? Your office? Possibly just a sunny corner in your kitchen? Wherever it is, make it yours and spend a few moments there each day. Maybe this is where you can meditate, light a candle, or read a chapter of a good book - something that can help you relax and clear your mind.


With the world at our fingertips (hello smartphones), take an hour each day to disconnect from the stress of the world. Put your phone on silent, make a vow to be on social media less, just make some time to escape from the world so you can better yourself. Healthcare professionals recommend unplugging from your phone, computer, and tablets an hour or two before bed to help you sleep better

Identify What's Stressing You Out

There may be instances where you won’t be able to control what's stressing you out, but if you can control some influences in your life, that’s a step in the right direction to help you de-stress. Pay attention to your triggers - is it your long commute to work? Bad eating habits? An argument with a loved one? What exactly bothers you, and how can you prevent it? While you can’t control all of your stress, you do have control over the things you know that can stress you out.

Sleep Is Your Best Friend

According to SleepScore, a regular sleep schedule can help calm and restore your body,​ which is why a structured bedtime and a comfortable bed is the perfect companion when it comes to getting rid of your stress. Lack of sleep can make you irritable and tired - both of which magnify stress. Set a bedtime you can commit to every night, even on the weekends when you’re tempted to stay up late binge-watching your latest Netflix obsession. Make your bedroom a safe space. Choose a bedding set that makes you happy, is soft on your skin, and can help you relax the moment you fall into bed – like our Yalda sheet sets. Wash your bedding once a week so you can enjoy that fresh linen feeling.

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