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Royal metaphors are nothing new in the world of bedding. After all, people purchase queen or king-sized mattresses. However, if you truly want a night’s sleep fit for a monarch, the size of the bed matters less than what you use to outfit it. From luxury Egyptian cotton sheets to cuddle-worthy duvets and down pillows, bedding can have a profound effect on your ability to get enough rest. And considering more than a third of adults don’t get enough sleep, it’s only logical to invest in the products you need to rest easily. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about supplying customers with premium bedding made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Keep reading to learn more about our latest collections and decide which one will make you feel like you’re king or queen of the castle.

High-End Mattresses

Think that all mattresses are created equal? On the contrary, sleeping on a medium-firm mattress offers a number of benefits such as promoting proper spinal alignment and alleviating hip and back pain. The end result is a superior night’s sleep for you and your partner. The good news is today’s shoppers have more options than ever when it comes to purchasing a new bed. While many customers still hit the big box store to buy a new mattress, others prefer the convenience of shopping online and having a mattress delivered to your door. And because most online mattress stores have long trial periods, you’ll have plenty of time to try out your new bed to ensure you like it. Sleep on your new mattress for up to 100 days to determine whether it truly meets your needs.

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Sleeper-Specific Pillows

Just like mattress preferences vary from person to person, sleepers have various needs when it comes to pillows. For example, if you sleep on your side, you need a pillow loft that will align your head, neck, and spine, thereby removing pressure from your shoulder. On the other hand, if you tend to slumber on your stomach, a low fill pillow is key to avoid propping your neck at an unnatural angle. Tend to sleep on your back? This is the best position for back health and gives you a range of options when it comes to pillow firmness and loft. Do your pillow research to ensure you don’t wake up with a neck that’s too sore to wear a crown.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton pillow stomach sleeper

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheets

Silk and satin have long been associated with royalty. However, ask any sleep specialist, and they’ll likely tell you that Egyptian cotton is the best bedding material on the market. That’s where sateen comes in. A silky texture that feels like butter against the skin, this weave is a natural choice for queens and kings at heart who desire a healthier bedding option. For an extra luxe selection, consider our Triple Luxe Sateen sheet set. Part of the acclaimed Hotel Collection, these sheets feature triple embroidered stitching and and boasts a subtle yet trendy stripe pattern. This set comes complete with one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases. Choose from classic shades Ocean, Arctic, and Gold or try one of our new colors: Nickel and Black.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets triple luxe sateen

Ultra Percale Sheet Set

Then again, perhaps you’re looking for a crisp-feeling sheet set that will keep you cool no matter how high the temperature spikes. Hot sleepers and regal types with sensitive skin are likely to flip over our Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Another offering from Pure Parima’s Hotel Collection, the Ultra Percale Sheet Set is made from a matte percale that’s both fresh-feeling and delightfully cooling. This set boasts single-needle stitching and a sleek, sophisticated design that feels well suited to a luxury hotel (or palace). Choose from our classic White and striking Carbon hues.

Both our Triple Luxe Sateen and Ultra Percale Sheet Set Collections include coordinating duvet covers. Not only do these covers protect your duvet, but they’re also machine washable, so you can simply throw them in with the rest of your laundry. In the time you save going to the dry cleaner, you can put your feet up and relax like the king or queen you aspire to be.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale carbon

Shop Pure Parima for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Pure Parima offers an array of high-end bedding products featuring the latest colors and design elements. However, it’s the company’s commitment to transparency that keeps customers coming back. Because every Pure Parima product is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association, you never have to worry that your sheets are anything less than what they claim. Additionally, we manufacture all our Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases without harmful chemicals. The end result is that customers can feel confident about the bedding they’re buying for loved ones. Ready to start sleeping like a member of the royal family? Shop online today and start getting better rest.

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