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pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

At Pure Parima, we believe in providing only the best quality products to our customers which is why we make it a priority to ensure all of our products are certified safe and authentic. We strive to eliminate harm to the environment with our materials and reusable packaging. Keep reading to learn more about how Pure Parima aims to deliver transparency, trust, and quality to our customers and beyond.

CEA 100% Egyptian Cotton Certified

Our very first mission was to provide customers with authentically pure 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and that’s what we did. Hand-picked straight from the Nile River Valley, all of our Egyptian cotton is certified by the Cotton Egypt Association and DNA tested to ensure authenticity. Always look for the official CEA seal on your linens to confirm that they are in fact certified and true Egyptian cotton.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

OEKO-Tex Certified

All of our products are Standard 100 OEKO-Tex certified and free of harmful chemicals for your peace of mind. We don’t use any harsh chemicals or dyes in our products for safety and purity. You spend one-third of your life sleeping, so make sure that one-third is spent on safe sheets so you can rest easy and stay healthy. You can find the OEKO-Tex certification logo on all of our products as well.

Responsible Down Standard Certified

With the recent release of our down duvet and pillow inserts, we made certain that the down feathers are Responsible Down Standard Certified. Our Down is 100% a byproduct of the food industry meaning no live-plucking and no force-feeding. 

pure parima down and down alternative duvets and pillows

Reusable Fabric Pouches & Totes

All of our sets, pillowcases, and mattress protectors come to you in an environmentally friendly reusable fabric pouch for safe keeping and dust-free storage. We avoid the use of plastic and instead provide you with sustainable packaging that you can continue to use again and again. In addition, all of our coverlets come in a reusable fabric tote bag, perfect for storing or on the go!

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Sustainable Gift Box

We continue to follow this pattern by shipping your orders in sustainable gift boxes. Perfect for gift giving as well, we are staying green one order at a time as our boxes provide continuous usage for an environmentally friendly practice.

Shop Authentic Products From a Brand You Trust

We never cut corners and compromise on your satisfaction. Shop 100% authentically safe Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, inserts & more with the guarantee that you are sleeping on quality luxury for your best sleep. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of brand-new product launches coming soon so you can continue to ensure a safe and comfortable sleep experience. Take our quiz for a personalized recommendation!

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