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Don’t snooze on Diamond Hayes, an interior designer and content creator who shares his love for upscale, cozy spaces to over 100k comfort enthusiasts across his social platforms. Diamond captures the opulence of his design projects that feature timeless neutrals, textured fabrics and skillfully placed lighting. We partnered with Diamond to help him build his ultimate dream bed with our cloud duvet insert and silky, luxurious Triple Luxe collection. Within moments of posting his newly made cloud bed it went viral and we’re so honored to have been a part of it. Join us as we catch up with this remarkably talented interior designer who is currently lounging on the softest, coziest bed. Don’t miss a moment of Diamond’s autumn decor vibes where his impeccable taste meets the epitome of slumber luxury by following him at @diamondhayesinteriors.

Your social media feed just exudes opulent coziness, while remaining inviting! We’re so excited to learn more about you and your design process so thank you for partnering with us. Where did your passion for interior design begin?

My passion for interior design was always somewhat there. It just became more clear once I bought my home and started to create my own spaces eventually realized how much I enjoyed it!

You seem like you truly enjoy what you do and that’s what it’s all about! Has becoming a designer changed your perspective on certain things? Whether that be how you choose to enjoy your space or what makes a successful work day?

Love this question being a designer has definitely changed my perspective on living and how we must create spaces that show our personality! Also at the same time gives us a little getaway from the world! A successful workday is getting that little text or email that says we love what you are doing and we can’t believe how beautiful it’s turning out those moments make it all worth it!

What has been your favorite project so far that you have worked on for a client? Which memorable details do you feel like made that project special to you?

My favorite project so far would be my mothers home which I am currently working on. It is a complete renovation. It is full of memories and memorable details, even though we are changing the spaces, we will keep some of that character from my childhood. The fireplace definitely is the highlight. We always surrounded as a family in the living room and now I’m just going to elevate it a bit! Can’t wait to share with you guys.

We were so excited to send you a duvet cover set from our Triple Luxe Sateen collection, our most sumptuous collection yet! What made you choose this set and was it just as luxurious as you had hoped?

I chose this set based on the material. Thank you so much for sending this out not only has it made my bed feel and look like a cloud. It washes well and it’s holding up great definitely out did my expectations 10/10


pure parima egyptian cotton sheets


What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring designer and why?

If I was just starting out, I would use whatever space I’m in and start to create. Also reach out to friends and family and see if they will let you borrow their spaces and please take advantage of social media. It is our biggest outlet.

We absolutely loved how you achieved the cloud bed look with our duvet insert and duvet cover on your TikTok page. What is the one bedding essential you can’t live without?

Thank you the one bedding essential that I can’t live without is a duvet cover. Also, throw pillows it just gives the bed the make up that’s needed lol

We can’t get over how adorable Brixton is! Did you notice if Brixton prefers to snooze on one particular material over another?

Thank you so much! So Brixton loves anything fuzzy he’s not allowed in dad’s bed but he always gets caught, jumping on my duvet lol

Now we have to ask, are you a flat sheet person? Why or why not?

Great question I prefer a flat sheet I just love the rectangular shape, also finished edges, great way to tuck which is a thing I’m pushing more with my clients!

What is your favorite way to end the night before bed and why?

My favorite way to end the night is with tea and a fireplace. I love to have all the big lights off one mood light and I’m off to sleep.

What is a home decor trend you’d love to try right now?

One home trend that I would like to try is more vintage furniture. I have started to collect a couple items, but I think I’m leaning towards that direction.

Finally, if you could have the bed of your dreams from Pure Parima, what would it look like?

It would be some form of a cloud bed white with white bedding and neutral throw pillows most likely a canopy like I have now or something low profile or modern to answer your question let’s just say cloud lol Thank you guys for this I enjoyed it!

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