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It's no secret that Egypt has the world's finest cotton, thus Egyptian cotton towels are the gold standard when it comes to luxury, softness, comfort, and durability. Egyptian cotton towels have been a staple in the luxury market for decades, and are often considered to be the best available towels.

Although many have heard about how luxurious these towels are, they may not have tested them personally. For this reason, you should know whether these towels are worth the investment. It is extremely important to know why they are distinct from other towels in the market, to understand the history and how that has influenced their cost over time. 

In this article, we will reveal a lot about Egyptian cotton - what they are, their care, durability, and even how to keep them soft.

What Are Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Egyptian cotton towels have been in existence since the time of the pharaoh in Egypt, and Egyptians have since then been enjoying them. Egyptians perfected the process of cultivating cotton and spinning it into yarn to make towels that were both soft and durable. They often dye it using colored dyes to make it look more attractive- until it penetrated the world market. Egyptian cotton towels are regarded as the most luxurious towels ever, extraordinary in their softness and high quality. Many believe they are worth the price tag, as they provide an amazing experience when using them.

What makes these towels that famous is because of the Egyptian cotton itself, which is known for its high quality and durability. Cotton generally is a natural fiber that is known for its softness and absorbency and when it comes to towels, Egyptian cotton is considered the best option. They provide a sumptuous feel and softness that other towels can't outshine. For this, the LatestBedding is giving this advice for free, If you want a high-quality towel that will make you feel pampered, then your next getaway should be an Egyptian cotton towel.


Egyptian Cotton Towels vs. Turkish Cotton Towels

Just like Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton is also one of the most sought-after kinds of cotton for bath towel sets with some quality attributes behind it. Should we say a little about Turkish cotton? Turkish cotton has a long fiber that makes it durable for use. The long fiber in Turkish cotton is extremely strong and attached completely. However, this attribute doesn't make them less soft than Egyptian cotton - they get softer the more you use them.

The long fiber in Turkish towels also gives them a light weight, and as a result of this, are easier to carry around without any discomfort. Turkish towels can be used for hair, face, or body. Moreover, Turkish cotton is also a good absorbent and a dry fast fabric. Easy and quick to launder, you can enjoy the towels right away.

Both Egyptian and Turkish cotton towels are best for you - the two have their unique edges. They both offer a high-quality bedroom experience wherever you are. Turkish cotton towels are skin friendly and a good water absorber. They are very light, don't take a longer period to dry, and are also perfect for traveling /vacation. If you are a fan of lightweight and thin towels, then a Turkish cotton towel is a good way to go. Moreover, the fact that they are thin doesn't imply that they give a stiff sensation. In addition, the more you use Turkish cotton, the softer it gets. This high-quality cotton offers naturalness and comfort in the bathroom. 

Difference Between Egyptian Cotton and Turkish Cotton:

Despite the two being the best in the world, they have a couple of differences.

  • Egyptian cotton is known for its high absorbency, and this characteristic is especially suited for apparel and sheets. 
  • Turkish cotton provides a good balance between absorbance and softness which makes it an excellent cotton for towels.
  • A towel made from Turkish cotton provides maximum absorbency and quick drying.

Why Are Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels the Best?

Egyptian cotton towels are naturally soft, fluffy, and hard-wearing - thanks to the quality of materials and manufacturing. A big bonus is that there's no use of any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients to elevate the quality of the towels, meaning that you're unlikely to see any allergic reactions from Egyptian cotton towels. OEKO-Tex certified, Egyptian cotton towels won't harm the planet or your skin.

Due to their luxurious nature, you might be thinking that caring for them is a tedious task. Fortunately, they are really easy to care for. Unlike artificial alternatives, all those amazing qualities are natural, hence it is easy to care for your towels to keep them fresh and fluffy. Wash them at 30°-40°once a week, without a fabric conditioner to avoid fabric damage. You can either hang them outside or tumble dry on low.

In addition, Egyptian cotton towels are extremely durable. Unlike normal towels that can soon get worn out with use over time, this can never happen to a luxurious Egyptian cotton towel as they will last for many years in good condition. Although they may be more costly than the usual ones, they will surely save you money in the long term.

Finally, they are not just good- they are the best that money can buy. Ultra-soft yet durable with an organic production process, they are an excellent addition to your bathroom experience, even if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

How to Keep Egyptian Cotton Towels Soft?

Knowing the best way to keep your Egyptian cotton towel soft will enable you to replenish the amazing sensation they had when they were brand new, resuscitating the pile that spells luxury after a bath or shower. Normally, frequent washing and tumble drying can cause the fiber of a towel to become stiff and rough, but knowing the appropriate temperature to use, and how to load the washer, can often revive the softness of the towels, and renew them all day. Proper care will play an important part in the softness of your towels. Read our care guide for an in depth guide.

Soften With Vinegar

Vinegar of around 250ml can be added to the laundry liquid if the towels are very stiff or scratchy. Add it to the washing machine drum just before you load. It will not alter the scent of the towels, but rather soften the fibers leaving them plush and supple. The use of fabric softener is what causes stiffness and scratching on a towel as they build up residue over time. Therefore, depending on how intense the build is, you may have to repeat this step before it can be effective.

They Get Soft With Time

Fabric softens over time, and this includes towels. If your towel is made from Egyptian cotton, the fibers will relax after each wash and become softer over time. 

Avoid Too Much Detergent

One of the cleaning tips for getting your Egyptian cotton towel softer is ensuring you use the right amount of detergent to wash it. Too much detergent might be difficult to remove in the rinse cycle, and if they continue to accumulate, they can stiffen your towels up and take away their softness. Also, using bleach to remove stains from your towel can make the color fade and even cause endless damage to the fabrics, thus destroying the towel.

Avoid Fabric Softener

This is also something that can also make your towel stiff and scratchy apart from too much use of detergent - fabric softener can make towels scratchy, so avoid using it or you may lose the softness of your towel. However, if you can't do without using a fabric softener, make sure you only use a small quantity as overuse of softeners and conditioners will accumulate in your towel over time, leaving towels feeling slick and nonabsorbent.

Use Cold Water When Washing

For soft and fluffy towels like Egyptian cotton towels, you have to pay attention to the wash temperature by checking the laundry symbol on the towel. Egyptian cotton towels are luxurious and shouldn't be placed under just any temperature. For this, ensure you read the label before washing so that you can maximize the efficacy of the wash and prevent ruining the towel. The right temperature for washing your Egyptian cotton towel is 30°-40°.

Shake Towels Out to Maintain Softness

This is a rapid step in the washing routine of your Egyptian cotton towels that can have a wonderful result on their softness, and it's a very simple process. Giving your towel a good shake before placing it in the washing machine will allow the fibers to open up slightly, thus allow the detergent to plunge inside every pore and make them super clean. Also, at the end of the drying cycle, or before you hang them (that is if you are line drying), ensure you shake again for maximum softness. Shaking out your towels will slacken the fibers of the fabric, thereby making your towel ultra soft and smooth.

Mix Up Your Drying Method

Always ensure you avoid drying up your towels on radiators as this can result in a rough finish, and you don't want this right? You can choose between tumble drying or line drying. However, the best way to make your towel super fluffy is via tumble drying immediately after a wash. and This drying method should not be overused either because it can make the fabric wear down over time. Another eco-friendly choice is to hang your towel out to dry and then bung them in for a 20mins tumble (preferably in a cool setting) this will help disturb the Fiber, preventing them from punching together, which will result in a softer towel.

As mentioned above, line drying is a perfect drying method for your Egyptian cotton towel. Apart from your towel being exposed to natural scent and freshness through this method, sunlight can also have a natural bleaching effect, which is perfect for white towels. Besides, ultraviolet light can help in destroying bacteria and germs thereby leaving your Towel harmless.

You can also implement the use of dryer balls. Fortunately, you don't have to come across the stress of buying a specific dryer ball, as a tennis ball will do. Just throw one or two in the dryer with your towel - it will help them dry quicker and agitate the fibers, thus helping soften your towel. 

Store Properly

This is the final step after the washing and drying process. Storing your towel perfectly can also soften them. Rolling and folding are the two storing methods you can implement.

You can roll towels, which can be space-saving, or fold towels. Many people prefer to stack their towels. Instead, try neatly folding them side by side. This simple storage hack will prevent the bottom towel from getting tyrannized which can lead to them losing that plush, full effect that you've accomplished. In addition, if you prefer storing your towels on a ladder shelf or Towel rack, you should also avoid placing them on top of each other as the effect will be on the bottom one.

What's the Best Thread Count for Egyptian Cotton Towels?

Thread count is one of the most important factors that make for a quick dry bath towel and why towels made from Egyptian cotton are the most sought-after in the market. Generally, thread count is paramount when choosing the necessary type of cotton.

Thread count is the number of threads used in every square inch of fabric. It's the determining factor of how luxurious, dense, and soft a product will be. As you may have known, a different number of cotton has a different number of threads. Egyptian cotton can come in a range of thread counts, typically from 200 to 800. However, the best thread count for Egyptian cotton towels should be 600 as this will make it an exclusive fabric that's smooth, soft, luxurious, and beautiful.

Do Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels Absorb Water?

Egyptian cotton bath towels are an excellent choice if your intended use suits the bill. It has been mentioned earlier that Egyptian cotton has long, dense threads that are extremely absorbent. Thus making the towel made from Egyptian cotton a  fantastic choice for wicking away moisture from your body after a long shower. However, the density of these threads also implies that Egyptian cotton towels are great at holding moisture once they become wet. Therefore, Egyptian bath towels are incredible for moments when you need a highly absorbent towel, and you can provide a resting place to dry out quickly. Plus, it can quickly develop mold and mildew and begin to give out an unpleasant odor if there's no proper place to dry it out after use.

How Long Do Egyptian Cotton Towels Last?

Unlike towels made from common cotton, Egyptian cotton towels age like fine wine. They are extremely durable due to their unique makeup, they become softer and fluffier the more they are used. Although Egyptian cotton towels might be more pricey than regular cotton towels, their quality, comfort, and high durability is something to consider when making your purchase.

The less end in the Egyptian cotton threads indicates less wear point, extra long staple equals natural opposition to tearing, pilling, fraying, fading, and crushing, and are generally much softer.

Egyptian Cotton Towels vs. Cotton Towels

For most people, the two most crucial factors to reflect upon when shopping for bath towels are softness and absorbency. Meanwhile, most luxury experts agree that 100% cotton towels are the softest and provide the most absorbency. However, Egyptian cotton generally has longer and finer fibers than standard cotton. These weave together to develop a soft, yet durable towel that remains fluffy for longer than a regular cotton towel. Besides, Egyptian cotton is more porous, hence making it an effective water absorber.

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