Keep Cool this Summer with Giza Egyptian Cotton

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Beach

Sleep is an essential part of any healthy routine. Unfortunately, when summer hits, many of us have trouble getting our total eight hours of sleep due to being hot sleepers. Often, it's because we're too hot and toss and turn at night! We probably think of turning on the fan or lowering the air conditioning, but what about changing our bedding? Keep reading to find out which luxury Egyptian Cotton Sheets will help you beat the summer heat.

The Ultra Percale Sheet Set

Nothing beats the feeling of coming home after a hot day at the beach and diving into luxury Egyptian Cotton sheets. Refreshing Egyptian Cotton provides lightweight breathability that will change how you rest. The moisture-wicking capabilities of Egyptian Cotton Sheets ensure you will no longer wake up drenched in sweat and instead will get out of bed feeling rejuvenated. Our super cooling Ultra Percale Sheet Set threads together 100% Giza Egyptian Cotton to ensure a summer night in paradise. 

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Sheet Set

Triple-Luxe Sateen Sheet Set

 An Egyptian Cotton bedding is perfect for those suffering from night sweats. Unlike traditional cotton, Egyptian Cotton wicks away moisture that can cause skin-irritating friction and sleepless nights. Egyptian Cotton Sheets, such as the ultra-soft sateen luxe sheets, help prevent irritation in the summer season with their ultra-smooth finish to ensure the skin’s moisture barrier is protected throughout the night. Egyptian Cotton also provides a cooling effect that will give a soothing feel to those with irritated skin and ensure you are glowing at the pool. 

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

Yalda Sheet Set

Beat the heat this sunny season with 100% certified Giza Egyptian Cotton Yalda Sheets. Yalda sheets are soft, silky, smooth, and timeless. Adorn your bed with lightweight Yalda linen to add sophisticated yet lightweight linen to your bedroom as you enjoy a chilled glass of chardonnay this summer. 

Pure Parima Certified Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Giza Egyptian Cotton is Lightweight and Absorbent

Bedding made of Egyptian Cotton is highly absorbent. So, if you're a heavy sweater, your Egyptian Cotton bedding will be able to wick away any moisture to help keep you cool at night. Egyptian Cotton also absorbs and holds dyes better than other materials. As a result, your colors will be long-lasting and bold after every wash.

Smooth as Silk for Summertime

Pure Egyptian Cotton is often compared to silk because of how soft and luxurious it feels against your skin. Because the cotton is hand-picked, the fibers go through less stress than cotton that's picked by heavy machinery, which helps keep the fiber intact and the threads strong to help weave an extremely lightweight and soft material.

Behind Pure Parima

Pure Parima products are environmentally conscious, natural, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Pure Parima is proud to have 100% certifiable luxury Egyptian Cotton to gift you the night of rest you deserve. Pure Parima sheets are made with 100% Egyptian Cotton, certified by the Cotton Egypt Association to create luxuriously soft, breathable bedding. Shop the best Egyptian Cotton sheets for better sleep today!

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