How to Wash Your Pillow

pure parima how to wash pillows

Washing pillows is an important part of maintaining a clean and healthy sleep environment. Over time, pillows can accumulate sweat, body oils, dust mites, and allergens, which can affect their freshness and quality. While many people may not realize it, you can and ultimately should wash your pillow regularly to increase the lifespan.

Machine Washing

Before washing your pillows, check the care label for specific instructions. Different types of pillows may require different cleaning methods. Our down and down alternative pillows can be tossed in the washer. If your pillow is not machine washable, you can always hand wash it with a small amount of detergent and water.

pure parima how to wash pillows

Use Gentle Products

When choosing your soap products, look for mild detergent free of harsh chemicals. Avoid excess amounts and be sure to use cold water and a gentle washing cycle. This will thoroughly wash your pillow without harming the outer shell or structure, drastically increasing its lifespan. 

Dry on Low

Synthetic pillows and down alternative pillows can usually be tumble-dried on low heat. Place a couple of tennis balls or dryer balls in the dryer to help fluff the pillows. Feather or down pillows should be dried using low heat while memory foam pillows should be air-dried to avoid damage. If you prefer, you can also dry clean your pillows and other inserts as well.

Fluff & Reinsert

Once your pillows are completely dry, hold them at the corners and shake to fluff. This helps to restore their shape and loft. Check for any clumps or unevenness and gently redistribute the filling if necessary. The use of tennis balls in the dryer should help eliminate the need for excessive redistributing by hand. Finally, reinsert the pillows into clean pillowcases or pillow protectors.

pure parima how to wash pillows

Don’ts to Take Note Of

  • Do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets, harsh liquid, or powdered detergents.
  • Avoid excess detergent.
  • Don’t wash with clothing - zippers, hooks, etc. cause abrasion.
  • Do not iron or steam.

Visit our care guide for more information.

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Taking care of your pillows and other bedding is extremely important in order to keep a clean, healthy bed. Once you wash and care for your pillows, be sure to protect them and keep them as clean as possible with pillow protectors and Egyptian cotton pillowcases. Shop all of these and more at Pure Parima for your best sleeping experience. 

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