How to Style an Apartment Bedroom

pure parima bedroom styling tips

If you live in an apartment, you know styling the bedroom requires careful consideration of space, functionality, and personal style. With limited square footage, optimizing every inch and creating a cozy and inviting retreat is important. Whether you're moving into a new apartment or looking to refresh your current space, take a look at some of our tips for styling a smaller bedroom.

Maximize Storage

In a smaller apartment, storage is essential. Look for furniture pieces that offer storage solutions, such as beds with built-in drawers or ottomans with hidden compartments. Utilize vertical space with wall-mounted shelves or floating nightstands. This will give you more opportunity to organize your space whether it’s finding a place to keep your extra books, or switching out your bedding each season.

Embrace Natural Light

Natural light can make a space feel larger and more inviting. Opt for sheer curtains or blinds that allow plenty of sunlight to filter through. Avoid heavy drapes or dark-colored window treatments that can make the room feel closed off. If you have light or pastel bedding or accent pieces, this natural light will enhance the soft colors and make the room feel even more enticing.

Choose a Light Color Palette

Light colors can make a small bedroom feel more spacious and airy. Opt for soft neutrals like whites, creams, and pastels for the walls, bedding, and curtains. Using lighter shades gives the illusion that your bedroom is larger while also feeling more cozy and comfortable. Try using a light-colored duvet cover like Ivory or Tan since the bedding is usually the focal point of the room.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Layer Textures and Patterns

Adding layers of textures and patterns can bring depth and visual interest to your bedroom. Introduce patterns with quilts, coverlets, pillows, or rugs to add personality and dimension to the space. This is the perfect way to bring color into the room without diminishing the size. Add a pop of color with a coverlet or quilt to balance the room and include texture.

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

Create Your Ideal Bedroom with Pure Parima

No matter the area you have to work with, Pure Parima aims to help you create the perfect space for you to come home to each night. Shop the best Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, and more, and build your dream bed. Sign up for our newsletters to be the first to know when our Egyptian cotton towels and other new products are here!

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