How to Properly Care for Luxury Towels

pure parima egyptian cotton towels

Amid the constant use of your bath towels, it’s pretty clear that you will be washing them very frequently. However, it is important to take some things into account when you do so, in order to keep them at their best for years to come. Take a look at some of the recommendations we encourage you to follow when caring for your Egyptian cotton towels.

Wash Colors Separately

If you have an abundance of towels ready to be washed but vary in color, it’s wise to keep the whites and colors separate from each other when washing. This can lead to color transfer onto the white towels and ruin the fabric. It is especially important to follow this rule when the towels are brand new as certain dyes can bleed over to other items. That being said, make sure to choose towels that are OEKO-Tex certified and free of harmful chemicals, so you can ensure there are no harsh chemicals or dyes in your towels. After all, you will be using them in direct contact with your skin so it is important to prioritize what goes into your towels. 

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Use Mild Detergent

Just as you would wash your luxury sheets in mild, non harsh, detergents, keep this rule in your towel care routine as well. Using harsh chemicals and detergents when washing your linens can damage the fibers and accelerate the deterioration process. Try not to pour any detergents directly on your towels, but instead pour into the water. Avoid bleach, softeners, and dryer sheets as all of these can harm the fabric. 

Rotate Your Towels

Because towels are constantly being used, it is essential that you have a couple of towels in rotation. Keep a couple of sets ready to go in your closet so that you can give them a break from usage and wash. This will help make them last longer and maintain their durability and quality. 

Store Properly

When your towels are not in use, be sure to keep them stored in a cool, dry area to avoid any moisture, dampness, or dust from setting. Always properly stow away any bath linens so that you can ensure longevity and have them washed and ready for the next use. 

pure parima egyptian cotton towels

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