How to Choose the Right Duvet Cover Size for Your Bed

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Duvets are designed for more than adding beauty and interest to a space. In fact, this bedding item serves a functional purpose by keeping the duvet insert clean and free of dust while protecting your skin from irritation. With that in mind, selecting the right duvet cover is crucial. At Pure Parima, we’re passionate about supplying customers with 100 percent Egyptian cotton duvet covers in a variety of styles and colors. Keep reading to learn more about duvet covers, including tips on choosing the right duvet cover size for your bed. 

Are Duvet Covers Supposed to Be Loose?

Duvet covers are like a pillowcase for your duvet. And just as pillowcases should fit snugly on the pillow, a duvet cover should be tight against the duvet insert. If your duvet cover is too loose, you will likely find that the insert shifts around inside it while you sleep. As a result, you may find yourself struggling to stay warm on chilly nights. 

Because the best duvet covers are tight-fitting, it can be challenging to put them on a duvet insert. Individuals who live alone may find it especially difficult when working with queen or king-sized bedding. However, once you learn the tricks, placing a duvet insert in a cover is relatively easy. 

Are Duvet Covers Hard to Put on?

Putting a duvet cover on a duvet doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these tips to make the bed-making process less of a hassle:

  1. Start by laying your duvet insert flat atop the fitted sheet on the bed. 
  2. Next, turn your Egyptian cotton duvet cover inside out and put your hands inside to find the top corners. 
  3. Holding a duvet corner in each hand, take hold of the top two corners of the duvet insert.
  4. Without letting go of the corners, flip the duvet cover so it lies over the insert, right side out. Then shake the insert so it falls down into the cover. The goal is for the duvet cover to envelope most of the insert. 
  5. Finally, pull the duvet cover down until you can place the bottom corners of the insert into the bottom corners of the cover. Once the insert is fully covered, you can button or zip the duvet cover.

Note that Pure Parima’s duvet inserts have loops. As a result, they can be easily connected to the ties on duvet covers. This feature helps prevent your duvet from slipping inside the cover while you sleep. See it in action here on our TikTok page!

Should a Duvet Cover Be Bigger Than the Insert?

In general, duvet covers are slightly larger than the inserts that go inside them. You can expect your cover to be about two inches bigger than the insert. However, customers that prefer a snugger bedding fit may opt to buy a duvet insert that’s bigger than the cover by an inch or so.

Top Duvet Covers From Pure Parima

The excellent news is Pure Parima offers multiple duvet cover options, so you’re sure to find a choice that suits your preferences with regard to style and texture. Looking for a delightfully cozy night’s rest? Here are two of the most popular duvet cover sets currently available in our online store. 

Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set | Hotel Collection

Part of Pure Parima’s Hotel Collection, the Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set boasts a duvet cover and two coordinating pillowcases in crisp, fresh cotton percale. Featuring a one-over, one-under weave, this bedding choice is both crisp and cooling. The result is a fresh-feeling duvet cover reminiscent of what you’d find in a five-star hotel. Made from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton fibers, this bedding selection comes in an array of neutrals, including White, Bone, and Slate. Customers can choose from sizes full/queen and king/California king.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Ariane Duvet Cover Set

Those seeking a silky smooth duvet cover will likely be drawn to the softness and beauty of the Ariane Duvet Cover Set. This dreamy collection boasts a three-over, one-under weave and is made with Egyptian cotton fibers picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. At once lovely and sophisticated, this set boasts a luxurious quality thanks to the self-colored scroll embroidery. It comes in multiple on-trend shades, including classics like White and Ivory and less-common shades such as Soft Peach and Icy Blue. This set is available in full/queen and king/California king. 

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Get a Better Night’s Rest With Pure Parima

Once you’ve selected a high-quality Egyptian cotton duvet cover, it’s time to choose a duvet insert to complement your purchase. At Pure Parima, we’re proud to say our down and down alternative duvets are crafted from premium materials that have been responsibly sourced. As a bonus, all Pure Parima items are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they’re made free from harmful substances and chemicals. Shop our bedding products today risk-free and start loving your room again.

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