How to Care for Your Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Bedding


Laundry—the bane of our existence! It piles up in our rooms or bathrooms, and then again in our laundry rooms. And, of course, once it’s clean we have to fold it and put it away to get dirty all over again!

While laundry is clearly a pain, there are few better feelings than sleeping on freshly washed sheets. Luckily, cleaning and maintaining your 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton sheets is easier than you might think. Read on for tips on caring for your Egyptian Cotton bedding!

Less Is More

Worried that Egyptian Cotton requires too much care? On the contrary, when it comes to laundering these luxurious sheets, less really is more. For best results, avoid using too much heat, as this can shrink the delicate, extra-long Egyptian Cotton threads. Wash your sheets with cold or warm water and avoid adding softener—it actually makes your sheets less soft! Because Egyptian Cotton is porous, a quality that makes it silkier and more flexible, softener will actually fill in those spaces and cause your sheets to become stiffer.

Something else to skip: bleach. This chemical can be harmful to Egyptian Cotton and may even create holes in your luxurious bedding. If you have a stain, spot treat and hand wash it. Diluted vinegar is safe to use, and you can just throw the sheets in the washer after to remove any residual scent!

Air Dry for Best Results

When drying your Egyptian Cotton bedding, the same rules apply—don’t use too much heat! Hang drying sheets is a great way to go. However, if you don’t have the space, feel free to toss your bedding in the dryer on a low-heat setting like Tumble Dry Warm. If you opt to iron your freshly laundered bedding, be sure to use the appropriate iron setting. You can also put another piece of fabric between the iron and your sheets or use the gentler method of steam ironing.

Folding your sheets rather than putting them straight back on the bed? Slip them back into their custom pouch for safe storage. At Pure Parima, all our Egyptian Cotton sheets come with their own pouches to protect them from dust and damage.

We hope these tips help you treat your sheets better, and we hope you let Pure Parima’s 100% Certified Egyptian Cotton bedding treat you to a better night’s sleep.

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