How To Build Your Dream Bed

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Considering that you spend one-third of your life in your bed, it’s essential to prioritize building a bed that allows you to create a cozy and luxurious sleep sanctuary tailored to your personal preferences. From the mattress to the bedding, every element contributes to the comfort and aesthetics of your dream bed. Take a look at some of the elements that you should consider when creating your sleep cushion:


The foundation of your dream bed starts with the right mattress. Consider factors such as your preferred sleep position, firmness level, and any specific health needs. Whether you prefer memory foam, innerspring, latex, or hybrid mattresses, invest in a high-quality mattress that supports your body and provides the comfort you need for a restful sleep.

Duvets & Pillows

Your inserts are probably one of the main ingredients when it comes to cooking up the perfect bed. Choose a duvet and pillow that provide the right support for your body and give you the amount of warmth and comfort you are looking for. Our down duvet and pillow inserts are filled with European White Goose down and 600+ fill power for extra warmth. Or opt for our down alternative duvet and pillow inserts for an exceptionally fluffy alternative fill whose loft mirrors the comforting texture and warmth of genuine goose down.

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While your bedding basics are a must, so is how you protect them. Be sure to use mattress and pillow protectors to keep them free from excess sweat, dirt, and oils that will gradually build up as you sleep on them. Easily removable, these protectors are machine washable making it a lot easier to keep your essentials clean. Made with you in mind, our mattress protectors and pillow protectors come equipped with corner straps and hidden zippers for ease of use and a seamless look.

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Your bedding plays a crucial role in enhancing the comfort of your dream bed. Opt for soft and breathable sheets made from materials like Egyptian cotton. Choose a sheet set that suits your preferred level of softness, and select a duvet cover that complements your bedroom decor. If you are looking for something more soft, silky, smooth, and warm, try our Triple Luxe Sateen collection for enhanced luxury. Perhaps you are a hot sleeper. No worries! Our Ultra Percale collection provides a matte, crisp, and cool hotel feel, perfect for warmer nights and hotter climates.

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Extra Layers

Layering your bed with comfort-enhancing accessories can elevate its coziness. Consider adding a mattress topper for extra cushioning and support. Pure Parima is excited to be launching our very own mattress toppers soon. Sign up to be notified so you don’t miss it! Layering soft blankets, quilts, or throws at the foot of your bed can also add visual appeal and warmth. Consider our Egyptian Cotton Diamond Quilted Coverlet Set for added texture and comfort as this quilt-like layer can become the perfect accessory for your bed.

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Build Your Dream Bed with Pure Parima

Remember that building your dream bed is a personal journey, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your dream bed should be a place of comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation, so invest in high-quality materials and designs that will stand the test of time and ensure you get the restful sleep you deserve. Shop Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, inserts & protectors, and much more coming soon to create the perfect bed. Sign up to be notified when our new products are in stock, and take our quiz for a personalized recommendation!

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