How to Achieve the Cloud Bed Look

pure parima how to achieve the cloud bed look

One of the most sought-after looks today is the cloud bed and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to plop into the fluffiest bed after a long day? We’re here to help you achieve that look and feel! With some simple steps and a few secret tips, you can create the cloud bed of your dreams. Keep reading to learn how to give yourself the comfort you deserve.

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Add a Mattress Topper

Your first step before putting on your sheets should be to add a mattress topper for ultra-plush and added height. Once put on, you may add your mattress protector and fitted sheet for extra protection. A mattress topper will help fluff up your bed adding even more comfort when all is said and done. Be sure to use a quality topper for the best results. Stay tuned for Pure Parima mattress toppers coming soon! Filled with luxurious, soft feathers, our toppers will bring your cloud bed needs to life.

pure parima how to achieve the cloud bed look

Use Two Duvet Inserts

This is the most crucial step when creating a cloud bed. Use TWO duvet inserts inside your duvet cover. Adding two inserts provides ultimate plushness as there are two layers of down feathers increasing the loft and giving you the most comfortable bed to sink into. Our duvet inserts and covers come equipped with loops and ties so you can tie through the loop on each insert for maximum security and a balanced fill. Now try going back to just one insert after using two!

pure parima how to achieve the cloud bed look

Choose Quality Bedding

Adding extra fluff and loft is the secret sauce when it comes to building your dream cloud bed, however, it all comes together with the sheets and duvet covers used to protect, cover, and style your bed. Choose Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, and protectors to ensure you receive the highest quality bedding and sleep on the safest, comfiest, and most authentic linens. Try pairing our signature Yalda collection, for color and softness, with our Ultra Percale collection, for coolness and comfort. 

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Shop Egyptian Cotton Bedding & More

At Pure Parima, we deliver high-quality linens for your best sleep. Shop Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet covers, inserts, protectors, and luxurious Egyptian cotton towels coming soon. Stay tuned on all things Pure Parima by signing up for our newsletter, and take our quiz to help you build the perfect cloud bed for the sleep of your dreams.

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