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pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets home for the holidays

If you’re entertaining guests over the holidays, then you naturally want to ensure your home is as warm and welcoming as possible. That goes double if you’re planning on out-of-town visitors who will be staying with you overnight. After all, you want family and friends to be able to relax and enjoy the season just like they would in their own houses. So, how do you go about creating a guest room that inspires loved ones to take a load off? From premium Egyptian cotton sheets to cozy blankets and pillows, here are some of the must-have bedding items for a perfect holiday at home.

A Luxe Mattress

The foundation of any bed, a mattress protects your back and neck while you sleep. Unfortunately, many Americans are sleeping on old or unsupportive mattresses. For best results, swap out your mattress every seven years and try different beds until you find one that meets your needs with regards to firmness and comfort. If you entertain visitors frequently, it’s also a good idea to replace your guest bed. Because they get less use, you can typically hold on to this mattress a little longer – eight to 10 years is the average.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets new bed mattress

Choose Supple Sheets

Sheets are in constant contact with your skin while you sleep. As a result, choosing the wrong material can cause you to toss and turn and interfere with your ability to get a good night’s rest. If you want to ensure you and any guests you’re hosting sleep comfortably this season, consider swapping out your current sheets for Egyptian cotton sheets. Those who tend to sleep hot will likely appreciate Pure Parima’s Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Part of the Hotel Collection, this bedding is delightfully crisp and cooling, thanks to the extra-long staple cotton fibers. The end result is that your visitors will feel like they’re spending the night in a luxury hotel. Available in sizes twin through California king, these matte sheets come in both White and Carbon.


pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets ultra percale


Provide a Cozy Coverlet

The cold and snow may add to the ambiance of the season. However, you and your guests are unlikely to feel the holiday cheer if you’re shivering all night long. Combat chilly weather with a soft coverlet set that’s weighted for added coziness. Our Diamond Quilted Coverlet is warm enough for winter. However, Certified Giza Egyptian cotton fabric ensures you won’t overheat in the middle of the night. Perfect for a guest room or the master, this set comes complete with matching shams featuring sumptuously soft sateen pillow backs. Once your guests lay their heads on these luxurious pillow covers, they’ll never want to leave.


pure parima certified egyptian cotton coverlet set


Offer Plenty of Pillows

We’ve all been there. While staying with friends, we find ourselves struggling to sleep because the pillow is too thin and flat to be comfortable. If you want to keep your holiday guests satisfied and improve your own quality of sleep at this stressful time of year, be sure to pile on the pillows. For best results, include at least two pillows per guest along with freshly laundered Egyptian cotton pillowcase set. We recommend one fluffy pillow and one with a lower loft.

Build a Better Bed for Yourself

It’s not just your house guests who deserve some extra rest and relaxation over the holidays. If you’re staying local for the season, consider treating yourself to some new bedding. If you love the feel of silk but want to enjoy the benefits of Egyptian cotton sheets, you have to purchase a set of Pure Parima’s Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set. These Hotel Collection sheets have an elegant touch thanks to the triple embroidered stitch. Fall asleep on these Egyptian cotton sheets and wake up refreshed and ready for all those Christmas and New Year’s parties.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Shop Egyptian Cotton Sheets and More at Pure Parima

Looking for a truly luxurious night’s sleep? The Tuck.com Editor’s Pick for sheets, Pure Parima products are made with long-staple certified Giza Egyptian cotton picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. The end result is a buttery soft sheet that caresses the body like silk and holds up through hundreds of washes. For exceptionally breathable sheets that are perfect for rest and relaxation, shop our selection today. We look forward to being your bedding supplier of choice for years to come.

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