Egyptian or Blend? Which Cotton to Choose

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Today, there is so much stress in our lives and we all know how important a proper good night’s sleep is needed in order to combat that. Your bed and what goes on top of it matters in these regards, you won’t be receiving the best sleep on just any kind of cotton – only the best, Egyptian Cotton, may you sleep the most soundly.

Natural Over Synthetic

Egyptian cotton is said to be one of the most luxurious and beautiful fabrics woven in the world. It is smooth, soft and perfectly comfortable for use in bedding. Even though Egyptian Cotton has a wrap for being expensive, those who have experienced Egyptian Cotton understand its worth every penny. Synthetic fabrics cannot match the smoothness and silkiness of Egyptian Cotton and certainly does not deliver the feeling of pure bliss as well. Natural fabrics using Egyptian Cotton will always surpass other fabrics, especially cotton blends using all kinds of unknown cotton types! Remember, not all cotton is the same. It matters where your cotton is grown!

Quality Matters

Cotton blend fabrics are not natural and the fillers in the fabric contain a lot of synthetic materials. Egyptian cotton, on the other hand, is all-natural and does not contain any synthetic materials. The organic material is woven together using tried and true traditional procedures. The only high-quality fabric that has the capability of providing you the comfort and relaxation you need to sleep well at night. In terms of quality, cotton blend cannot be compared to Egyptian cotton because during the manufacturing of cotton blend, different materials are used every time which reduces the quality of the bedsheet. Unlike that, Egyptian cotton product such as the ones available at Pure Parima, including Layla Grey 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set and Layla Blush 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set, and many more are traditionally woven with the pure organic material, which is why Egyptian cotton has a higher quality. Egyptian cotton provides comfort, style, and luxury and Pure Parima is the perfect place to get the most authentic Egyptian cotton products for the best price.