Coverlets: Good for the Summer?

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

As the summer weather intensifies, it's essential that your bedding is cool and comfortable. Coverlets are an excellent bedding option for the summer months due to their lightweight, breathable, and versatile nature. They offer several benefits that make them an ideal choice for hot weather. Here are some reasons why coverlets work so well in the summer months:


Typically made from lightweight and breathable materials, coverlets are great for keeping you comfortable during the night without overheating. Specifically look for cotton coverlets, better yet Egyptian cotton coverlets will provide you with a breathable, comfortable layer. This allows air to circulate, keeping you cool and preventing excessive heat buildup during hot summer nights. 

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

Lightweight Feel

Unlike heavy, warm comforters or duvets, coverlets are thin and lightweight. This makes them perfect for summer as they provide a comfortable layer without feeling heavy or stifling. Their lightweight construction allows for better airflow and prevents you from feeling weighed down, ensuring a more refreshing sleep experience.


Coverlets are highly versatile and can be used in various ways during the summer. They can be used as a standalone bedding layer for warmer nights or layered with a sheet for added comfort and style. Coverlets also make for an excellent decorative element, adding texture and visual interest to your bedroom decor. This is a great way to implement accent colors in your bedroom while still keeping cool all night long.

pure parima egyptian cotton coverlet

Easy to Care For

Coverlets are relatively easy to care for, which is especially convenient during the summer when you may prefer spending more time outdoors. Most coverlets can be machine-washed and dried, making them a practical choice for those seeking hassle-free bedding options. Their quick-drying nature is also beneficial in humid climates. Our Egyptian cotton coverlets are machine washable and easy to maintain so you can spend more time resting. Visit our full care guide for more information on caring for your Pure Parima linens.

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