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Are you happiest in a crowd? Do you love being the center of attention? If so, there’s a good chance you’re an extrovert, or someone who draws energy from interacting with others. On the other hand, if you prefer spending time with one or two close friends and find large groups intimidating, you might be an introvert. A personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings over external stimulation, introversion applies to between a third and a half of the U.S. population. And though it may seem like the world caters to extroverts, a holiday exists for those who prefer a quieter, more reflective way of life.

Since 2011, January 2nd of each year has marked World Introvert Day. Begun by psychologist Felicitas Heyne, Introvert Day is a chance to honor your more reserved side while celebrating the many famous artists, reformers, and scientists who fall into this category. From Albert Einstein to Eleanor Roosevelt, Bill Gates to Hilary Clinton, introverts have done much to make this country great, and if you fall into this category, don’t hesitate to let your introverted flag fly on January 2nd and every day. Here are some tips from Pure Parima for celebrating World Introvert Day by taking care of yourself.

Order Takeout

If you’re feeling drained these days – and who isn’t? – the idea of venturing out to a crowded restaurant may seem stressful. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to slaving over a hot stove. On the contrary, you can celebrate World Introvert Day in true form by ordering some delicious takeout. Simply call up your favorite pizza or Chinese place and wait on the couch for the eats to arrive. Prefer not to talk on the phone? Choose one of the many restaurants that currently offers online ordering.

Read a Good Book

Naturally, both introverts and extroverts enjoy reading. However, if you want to honor your introverted side this January 2nd, consider picking up a good book and settling in. The best stories transport readers to a different world. Moreover, many introverts feel that reading helps them recharge their batteries. The end result is that you’ll be better prepared for your next work presentation or social gathering.

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Binge Your Favorite Show

Then again, perhaps you’re in the mood to relax rather than learn something new. If you want to turn your brain off for a few hours (or at least give it a break), celebrating World Introvert Day in front of the TV may be the way to go. We recommend snuggling on the couch alone or with that special someone, be it a spouse, bff, or even a beloved pet. Along with plenty of snacks, we recommend keeping a blanket close at hand for your binge watching enjoyment. Consider our Quilted Coverlet made from 100 percent certified Egyptian cotton. Along with being exceptionally soft, this blanket offers a weighted coziness that will keep you relaxed all evening long.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton lumbar pillow couch tv show


Introverts tend to be more sensitive than other people, and as a result it’s easy for them to suffer burnout. If you want to restore both calm and energy, meditation is a smart way to go. Along with promoting relaxation, meditation is said to improve focus so you can achieve tasks more efficiently. To ensure a comfortable meditation pose, consider a pillow to support your lumbar region. We love this Hira Decorative Lumbar Pillow, which features contemporary accent diamond embroidery and sumptuously soft sateen fabric. Simply place it between your back and a chair or headboard to upgrade your next meditation session.

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Sleep In

Of course, when it comes to resting and recharging, it’s hard to beat a good night’s sleep. Along with giving you the mental focus and acuity to get through the day, sleep offers an array of health benefits and is even said to boost your immune system – something we could all use these days. If you’re having trouble catching enough Zs lately, it could be that your bedding is to blame. At Pure Parima, we sell only 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets made with fibers that are picked by hand. If you want a silky soft sheet that will lull you to sleep at night, it’s hard to beat our Triple Luxe Sateen collection. As a bonus, the sateen weave is highly breathable while also keeping you warm on those cold winter nights.

 pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets sateen

Shop Egyptian Cotton Sheets and More at Pure Parima

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