Building a Better Bedtime Routine

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets bedtime routine

Not many adults can fall asleep on a dime. That’s because the brain needs time to prepare for rest. If you’re feeling anxious, fearful, or preoccupied, you might have a hard time calming down enough to get to sleep. Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce your odds of tossing and turning. One of the keys to a good bedtime routine is doing the same thing every day. This ritual will help you relax and signal to your brain that it’s time to let go of the day’s stresses and prepare for sleep. At Pure Parima, we believe that everyone needs seven to nine hours of sleep a night to function optimally during the day, and we do everything in our power to help customers get better rest. From setting an extra alarm in the evening two hours before bed to investing in Egyptian cotton sheets, here are some of our top suggestions for building a better bedtime routine.

Set an Evening Alarm

You’ve heard of setting an extra alarm in the morning. However, an evening alarm can also be helpful in that it tells your brain to start readying for sleep. Experts recommend setting an alarm an hour or two before you plan to hit the sack for best results. When the beeping sounds, it’s a reminder to start winding down. The goal is to take some time for yourself to enjoy a relaxing activity like reading, watching TV, or lounging in a hot bath.

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Skip the Afternoon Coffee

That 3pm latte might be just what the body desires. However, if you struggle with sleep, your brain might prefer you skip this dose of caffeine. In general, experts advise individuals with insomnia to cut off the Joe between eight and 10 hours before going to bed. The same goes for caffeine-heavy foods and drinks like tea and dark chocolate. Still need an afternoon snack? Consider replacing your late-in-the-day cup with a decaf coffee, herbal tea, or hot cocoa. You might just become a convert.

Avoid Phones and Tablets

By now, you’ve heard the lectures – blue light is bad for your bedtime routine and can keep you up hours after you’d rather be dreaming. While there’s nothing wrong with reading in bed, those prone to insomnia should choose a physical book or reading-specific tablet like a Nook or Kindle. Avoid phones and iPads, as they may keep your brain alert and prevent you from sleeping. Enjoy watching TV before you drift off at night? While televisions do emit light, it’s not the same kind given off by hand-held devices and shouldn’t interfere with your ability to rest. However, you may want to keep the volume down or off.

Write a To-Do List for Tomorrow

Have you ever laid in bed worrying about all you have to do tomorrow? If so, writing down those troublesome thoughts could be the solution. Take a few minutes before getting into bed to jot down your concerns, fears, and goals for the next day. Not only can this help you deal with those concerns that are causing your brain to churn, but it may also make you feel more productive. The idea is that you’ll be able to sleep better because you don’t have to worry about forgetting the tasks on your list. In fact, research has shown that people who write a to-do before bed sleep better than those who journal about things that have already happened.

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Upgrade Your Bedding

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your sheets. However, research shows they can have a profound effect on your ability to get a good night’s rest. If your sheets are thin, stifling, or rough to the touch, you might find yourself tossing and turning into the wee hours of the night. Similarly, hot sleepers and those with skin sensitivities may find that low-quality fabrics interfere with their ability to rest. Fortunately, Egyptian cotton sheets offer an effective solution. 

Silky soft and highly breathable, our Hira Sheet Set is made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton that’s been picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. Because air can flow through this silky soft fabric, you don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat. This stylish set boasts contemporary accent diamond embroidery and is available in an array of on-trend colors, including our newest shade, Midnight.

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Shop Pure Parima Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Risk-Free

At Pure Parima, we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding made from materials picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. We’re so confident you’ll adore our products that we offer a 100 night trial. If you aren’t satisfied with your bedding, simply return it for a full refund. Ready to build a bedtime routine that works for you? Shop online today and start sleeping easier.

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