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With the arrival of colder temperatures, getting up in the morning can be an unpleasant proposition. Not only do you have to find the motivation to leave your warm, blanket-laden bed to get dressed, but you also have to shuffle around a chilly kitchen preparing something to eat. At once thoughtful and luxurious, breakfast in bed offers an opportunity to linger under the covers a few minutes longer. Whether you’re prepping this treat for a romantic partner or simply doing something special for a friend or family member, the right steps can ensure this experience is a true delight. Read on to discover Pure Parima’s top tips for creating the perfect breakfast in bed.

Design a Menu in Advance

When it comes to breakfast in bed, the menu you choose can make or break this sweet gesture. While the right meal is ultimately whichever one your recipient is likely to enjoy, we recommend choosing a few dishes that complement one another well. It’s a good idea to mix sweet and savory, so consider pairing a plate of pancakes with some strips of crispy bacon. You should also consider including a protein-rich dish like eggs benedict to ensure your loved one has plenty of energy to get through the day. Up the health factor by adding a bowl of fruit or a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice to complete the meal.

breakfast bed pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets

Focus on the Details

Presentation matters too when you’re serving breakfast in bed. Once you’ve planned a delicious menu with your recipient’s favorite foods, take time to set up a luxurious tray for them to use in lieu of a table. We love the idea of breaking out your cloth napkins and good china for this meal. You can also include a bowl with sugar cubes rather than paper packets and coffee in a delicate cup instead of your usual mug. Creating an elegant setting for breakfast helps the recipient know you think they’re worth it.

Add Special Touches

Even the most delicious breakfast treats can only be enjoyed for a brief time. Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure your loved one remembers this experience for years to come. A few extra touches can make all the difference when serving breakfast in bed. We’re talking about small gifts like a single rose in a glass or a short poem written on the back of a napkin. The idea is to ensure the person you’re treating to breakfast in bed feels special and has a lasting memento of the big day.

pure parima certified egyptian cotton sheets breakfast bed

Turn on the Tunes

Breakfast in bed is even more special when you take time to set the scene with music. If you’re planning a luxurious morning for the love of your life, a playlist of love songs may be the way to go. On the other hand, classical music or rock tunes may set the right note for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day breakfast. The goal is to choose relaxing music that speaks to the person being celebrated. Want to earn a few bonus points? Consider lighting some candles to add to the soothing ambiance.

Prioritize Comfort

Of course, you’ll have a hard time enjoying even the most delicious breakfast in bed if you aren’t comfortable. If you’re planning to give your sweetie the luxury treatment this year, consider upgrading their bedding beforehand. When it comes to silky-soft bedding, it’s hard to beat Pure Parima’s Hira Bedding Collection. These Egyptian cotton sheets are manufactured using extra-long staple cotton fibers that were hand picked in the Nile River Valley. Boasting a thread count of 400, these sateen weave sheets are at once warm and breathable, so you don’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat – something guaranteed to ruin even the best breakfast. As a bonus, this set is aesthetically pleasing thanks to the contemporary accent diamond embroidery. Choose from an array of eye-catching shades, including our newest color, Midnight.

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Stay Warm

Speaking of bedding, if your loved one is going to enjoy their breakfast in bed, you need to take steps to keep them warm and cozy. That’s where the Hira Duvet Cover Set comes in. Featuring the same on-trend diamond embroidery as the sheet set, the duvet cover and shams are at once soft and luxurious. You can match your duvet to your sheets or choose a coordinating shade to add visual interest. Warm and inviting, this blanket is also great for curling up on the couch on freezing winter nights.

Choose Pure Parima for Egyptian Cotton Sheets

At Pure Parima, we use only Cotton Egypt Association-certified raw materials to create the highest-quality Egyptian cotton sheets and bedding. Additionally, all our products are manufactured free from harmful chemicals and substances. The end result is that you can enjoy a worry-free night’s sleep. Shop our selection online and start experiencing the joy of luxury bedding.

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