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pure parima best sheets for summer

As the temperature rises this time of year, it’s important to choose bedding that will allow you to sleep cool and comfortable through those hot summer nights. Different materials and weaves yield different breathability and temperatures so as the seasons change, take into consideration what sheets you are sleeping in so that you can enjoy your sleep each and every night.

Percale Sheets

So by now, you may have heard a lot about percale and its benefits. Percale refers to a specific weave pattern that results in a different fabric. Created by following a one-over, one-under weave pattern, percale sheets are a coarser, cooler fabric. It has a matte and crisp hand feel, unlike sateen which results in a silkier, softer hand feel. Percale sheets and duvet covers are recommended for hot sleepers, especially in the summertime. If you are looking for sheets that provide adequate breathability and coolness, opt for percale. 

pure parima sateen vs percale weave pattern

Best Percale Bedding

Now that you know percale is the best choice for the hot summer months, it’s time to find the right percale sheets for you. Our Ultra Percale collection is crafted to create the perfect matte, crisp, and cooling bedtime oasis that doesn’t sacrifice style or comfort. Available in both neutral and bold colors like White, Bone, Carbon, and Slate, there’s sure to be a shade for every personality.

pure parima egyptian cotton sheets

If you are looking to replace all of your bedding, you can always switch out your duvet cover for a percale cover as well which will keep you cozy in your fluffy duvet but still cool due to the percale fabric against your skin. Bring on summer vibes with our Ultra Percale Duvet Cover Set in Bone or keep it simple with Carbon or White. Either way, you are sure to get your best rest this season.

pure parima egyptian cotton duvet cover

Shop Cooling Bedding at Pure Parima

Keeping cool during the summer is extremely important as you don’t want to overheat and sweat throughout the night resulting in sleepless nights, excess buildup on your sheets, and just an uncomfortable experience. Shop the best Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers in our percale weave for the best rest. Stay tuned for our alternative lightweight duvet insert options coming soon for the perfect summer bed set! Sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to be notified.

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